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Beware Diet Pills - This Article Could Save Your Life!

I tried a diet remedy recently - and it almost killed me! (My doctor said I was fortunate enough to be in the hospital on time.) But this is not my first diet. I've tried everything else before. (You can read more about my long but successful success from Fat Men to Healthy Men, on my blog: see Author Bio at the end of the article.)

Note: I don't know if they can sue a man, just to put his story online to help warn others. But if I were, I'd play it safe: No brand name will be mentioned in this article. (And no, the pill that almost killed me was not celopin.)

In any case, every time they put me on a diet pill, I would experience various side effects. And after I have had enough (with almost no weight loss results by the way), most of them will be taken off the market for "harmful side effects" (Note: found AFTER we all suffer!), Or they are proven UN-functioning in fat loss.

Also, have you tried ordering diet pills recently. As I began my online investigation, I was shocked to see hundreds of complaints about diet pills!

Here is a special excerpt:

"On 12/03/06 I placed an online order with www .... they said they had some incorrect information in the system and would call my Doc for fax number ... Two days later it said there was no Day information after that my account was charged and I checked again and said my doctor had rejected it. I spoke to her and she said she had never heard or received anything from them! I sent them another 3 emails asking what was going on happened I sent back an email telling them that I didn't want my money back because they lied. Still no answer. "

Here is one with a reply from the user's defender's website (misspellings for accuracy's sake):

"Order the product from the pharmacy They replace the product different from the one I ordered. go back. "


"I have the same experience as Pharmacy - ordering one thing and receiving something else. So I called them and asked for a refund. Of course, their strict line was that a good print told me that I couldn't get a refund as soon as the product it has been sent. "

And this beauty:

"My daughter, my friend and I all ordered" free "for free shipping and handling before we knew we were all charged $ 149.99, this happened right away, and we received a bottle of the NONE pill we received and all 3 of us we were sent back "rejected." We were informed that we had agreed to a monthly club type and would be charged ALL months.

... my daughter canceled her credit card as the only way to prevent them from paying her monthly payments. My friend's account was sent to the Collection (in Bombay INDIA) and I still haven't seen the credit on my Visa. "

After I got bored of diet medications, I started working at the gym. Muscle-bound oafs all recommend various "supplements", to all beginners like me. So like an oaf friend, I tried some of them. More money and time wasted.

The answer to REAL weight is NO medicine. Odd drugs may work for a while, but they are only temporary solutions and adverse side effects are just not worth it. And the answer is definitely NOT "extra" either.

I'm just trying to do the right thing, and helping people not make the same mistake I * am * making. Don't get SUCKERED like I did all this time. Consider yourself warned!


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