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Best Abdominal Workouts and Belly Fat Reduction

Everyone today is looking for the best abdominal workout to get six pack abs. You will always find new lower abdominal exercises, diets and physical pills, tools or theories on how to lose belly fat. While some of these may provide training for abs and exercises for losing belly fat, some are just scams to earn your money.

In order for you to not be the next victim of the best abs training, you need to understand how abs are built and how they work together. Some muscle segments combine to produce a full package of abdominal muscles.

Everyone saw and admired the muscles spread widely between the genitals and the fifth, sixth and seventh ribs. It's called rectus abdominis. The tendon layer divides vertically and horizontally to produce 6 packs of abs or six different muscles. The real function is to adjust the correct stability between the upper and lower body during all activities.

Another segment of abdominal muscle is the outer oblique muscle located on each side of the six-pack. They walk diagonally down and in from the lower to the hip. The external oblique muscles support safe movement of the spine and mid-body.

The inner oblique muscle is a pair of internal muscles that lie beneath the outer oblique muscle. The internal and external obliques have right angles to each other. They work in conjunction with the external obliques to allow stable mid-body movements to bend and rotate. Because of their alignment, at right angles to each other, the inner and outer obliques are called opposite sides rotors.

The deepest layer of abdominal muscle is called "transversus abdominis." The muscle layers wrap around the body with a corset. These muscles help push the air out of the lungs, stabilize the spine and help to fit the internal organs.

Many so-called "best abs exercises" labeled "lower abdominal exercises" actually work with hip flexors more than they offer exercises for abs. To perform the best abdominal exercises, you need to minimize the help of hip flexors and maximize lower abdominal exercises.

The best exercises for abs are surprisingly easy to do but it is important to remember that there is no single abdominal exercise that challenges all abdominal muscles. You need lower abdominal exercises that involve a variety of abdominal muscles.

Just sitting around won't be the answer to your needs. There is a photo in the sit-down file of a world record holder that shows the accumulation of fat that closes and hides the muscle. In the end, you still need to put together a program that will also eliminate belly fat. That means a proper diet that stimulates your body's metabolism and regulates the body's natural hormones to control fat burning and storage.


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