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Belly Fat and Estrogen - Is there a Link?...Yes

In recent studies estrogen has been found to play an important role in fat production, especially in the stomach area. More than estrogen production is directly related to fat formation deposits. The main cause of estr0ogen production is a type of fat called adipose fat cells. This type of fat is often added around the middle, hips and thighs.

The reason for the increase in estrogen levels is two-fold. As we age we change our androgen to estrogen at an increasing rate. This happens to both men and women. Often estrogen hormones are not associated with men, but men experience increasing amounts of these hormones as we get older.

Another form of estrogen boosting can be attributed to the use of many chemicals and pesticides today. These chemicals contain estrogenic compounds called xenoestrogens, which can act on the body in the same way as estrogen. We are exposed to these chemicals every day. There are also ingredients like nails, lotions, soaps, plastics, and even our food. Food pollution comes in the form of hormones used to increase the growth rate of our meat sources. These hormones are then passed to us in trace amounts when we eat this product. This amount is added over time.

There are several ways to combat this problem by consuming foods containing alkaloids, they fight estrogen production. Some foods containing these alkaloids are broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage, onions and garlic. It contains alkaloids known as Phytonutrients.


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