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An Effective Seven Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss

When asked about one thing people want to change their physical appearance, the most common answer is to get a slimmer body or to lose unwanted weight. People are generally very aware of the extra pounds they carry and since no one likes to be fat, following some type of accident diet to return to form seems to be the only option.

An effective seven-day diet plan is something that may look great as it works wonders in reducing weight loss. It allows one to lose 10-15 pounds per week when properly followed. In addition, it also enhances one's morale through a systematic cleansing effect. On the 1st day of the diet, one should eat fruits for all three meals. Keep in mind that bananas are an exception while all members of the melon family such as melon or cantaloupe are recommended.

For Day 2 of the nutrition week, one can use only vegetables throughout the day. People can have vegetables other than potatoes. Alright do your thing until you're full and as long as you boil the vegetables, it's really fine. You can also eat raw vegetables but using oil while cooking is strictly prohibited. Day 3 is a combination of foods for Day 1 and Day 2, meaning one can have a combination of boiled / raw vegetables with the exception of bananas and potatoes.

Day 4 is basically a liquid diet, we have to take only bananas and milk. On average, people use about eight bananas and three glasses of milk on Day 3. One can also have a bowl of lean or fat vegetable soup. Next is day 5 when one can enjoy it as the menu consists of one cup of rice and six whole tomatoes. It is also important to drink plenty of water today as it will release excess uric acid produced by the body.

The sixth day will allow the use of vegetables with one cup of rice. As of Day 7, one should take one cup of rice, boiled / raw vegetables and fruit juice. When dieter wakes up the next day, which is eight days, he'll be about 10-15 pounds. This diet cycle can be repeated as often as you like, but it is advisable to maintain a 3-4 day interval between repetitions.


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