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Advantages and Disadvantages of Skin Tag Removal Using Electro-Cauterization

There are many ways to remove skin tags. If you visit a doctor or dermatologist, there are three common methods to use.

These rules are as follows:

  • Cauterization (also known as combustion)

  • Cryossurgery (or holds)

  • Cut with skeletons.

Among the three methods, cauterisation is probably the most common method that doctors will use to treat such a disease. This article describes the procedures involved in such treatment and the pros and cons of the process.

Electro-cauterization is effective in removing skin tags. During the procedure, it uses a needle or other instrument, which is heated using electrical power. This hot needle burns the cells from the skin tag so that it is completely destroyed.

There are seven basic steps in electro-cauterization. The first step is to use anesthesia on the affected area until it becomes numb. Then, the area was well treated. If the needle comes in contact with the skin mark, it causes burns on the growth cells. If the cells have been burned, the doctor will remove the damaged cells from the skin. Specimens were then taken to the laboratory for further analysis. When the whole procedure is performed, the skin part with the tag is closed with a bandage and the correct prescription is used to speed up the healing process. Once the skin has been removed, it will stop growing and spread to any part of your body.

Cauterisation can be painful. Treating the skin tag using the procedure may be a bit uncomfortable especially during the process until the last step of the removal treatment. You really need patience because the healing process can also take a lot of your time. This usually occurs depending on the growth characteristics and ability of the person to heal the wound.

Advantages of treatment using electro-cauterization

One of the best benefits a person can get from undergoing this type of skin tag removal procedure is fast and is considered a very time-consuming procedure. It is generally less expensive than other surgeries such as cryosurgery and laser procedures. Electro-cauterization may require only one treatment session unlike laser and cryosurgery, which will need further treatment even though it is the same type of growth.

Disadvantages of treatment using electro-cauterization

The electro-transport procedure is a bit invasive and very painful. In fact, the pain may remain the same for several days after treatment. It can cause some discomfort as you go on a daily basis. As mentioned above, the healing process may take a long time and may result in scarring afterwards. All you have to do is wait until your skin tag is fully removed.

When undergoing such treatment, there must be a qualified doctor who will monitor your condition and perform the entire procedure to remove your skin tags. However, electro-carriers cannot be used for individuals with heart disease and others with low medical conditions.

But you should also be reminded to ask specific questions from your doctor about possible symptoms of infection after undergoing skin tag removal treatment.


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