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Acid Reflux and Back Pain

Acid reflux alone can bring pain to your life, but you can also experience back pain with it. People who have these two problems together can feel the pressure of both of them at the same time making life uncomfortable. There are solutions for acid reflux and back pain.

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One of the easy treatments to relieve acid reflux pain and back pain that sometimes comes with it, is simple household fluids, vinegar. Try adding one tablespoon of vinegar to your diet, which is best taken in the morning and, in most cases, will slow down the acid production in your stomach.

Apple cider vinegar can replace regular vinegar, which will taste a bit better. You should take one tablespoon before eating. You should start seeing results within a few weeks, sometimes several days. It is important that you continue to take vinegar on a daily basis, however, even if you have improved, your pain will likely return.

Another great idea is to combine antacids and low pain medications. Antacids will slow down acid reflux while painkillers will work on back pain. Antacid is a type of lightweight medicine that can be safely taken with medications such as regular back pain pills.

There are various over the counter and prescription drugs available for back pain. Acetaminophen anti-inflammatory drugs are the most commonly used, and may begin to show results within a few days.

Narcotic painkillers and muscle relaxation can also be used, but this is not always considered a long-term solution. Sometimes if used for a long time, they may end up making things worse.

Anyone looking to get help from acid reflux and back pain should stay open to the idea, knowing that there are many solutions available. It is also important not to treat yourself, as only a medical professional will be able to diagnose your condition for choosing a particular treatment. You should also get in touch with them afterwards, allowing time for effective treatment, so that they can make sure your condition is improving.


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