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A Vaser Lipo Procedure Can Help Remove Unwanted Fat From Your Double Chin

Having a double chin does not necessarily mean that you are overweight. Genetics, water retention or bad eating habits mean that slim women are just as easily able to have double chin as others. Double wallets and slack jowls can affect anyone, and can prove difficult to get rid of regardless of your body type, shape and size.

It is very difficult to conceal the fat under the chin and around the neck unless you keep holding your head all the time, trying to make your profile more flattering. And hiding it with clothes is only possible if you want to spend the rest of your life with a scarf wrapped around your neck.

Double chin also appears slowly due to lack of exercise. When you put on weight, the fat can settle down under your chin, changing your face contour and changing your appearance. Unfortunately, it's not possible to lose just your chin, so you need a full-body weight loss approach, and focus on reducing all your body fat to lose your double chin. However, there is no guarantee that if you put on weight you will have double chin or if you lose weight, double chin will go away.

When there is a layer of fat stored under the chin, it can really affect self-esteem for many adults. Although it is a condition that is unlikely to affect young people, unless they are overweight, they may be exposed to double chin if their family has a hereditary tendency, or they may naturally retain too much water in the chin area, or their bodies simply naturally stores excess fat.

Vaser liposuction is specifically designed to work well, even in low-fat areas, and is often considered a good choice for fine areas like the chin because it can target certain fat, without damaging the surrounding nerves.

The lipo vase procedure begins with a solution of saline injected into the chin, which will die off in an area that makes it a painless process. Following the injection, a small wing was then applied to the chin, and a small ultrasound probe was inserted, and the probe released high-frequency energy to loosen the fat cells and smooth them, and the fat was then removed from the chin using a soft suction technique.

Because the chin is a small area, the procedure only takes about 30 minutes. Recovery time is also short, although you may need to wear compression clothing on the chin for a short period of time.


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