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A 7 Day Metabolism Diet Plan - How to Lose Weight Fast in a Week

The 7-day Metabolism Diet Plan is a program that will monitor your calorie intake and will give you the results you've been dreaming of for years in just a few days. To get started, we have just two key rules you need to know before deciding to follow our 7-Day Metabolism Diet Plan.

1. Save yourself with proper hydration. You should drink at least four glasses of water or diet soda daily

2. Use spices to bring flavor to your food and make you taste faster: tomato sauce, soy sauce, mustard, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, lemon, salt, herbs, and pepper.

Below is an example of a 7-Day Metabolism Diet Plan:

A. You can start Monday and count it as the first day. For breakfast, have tea with the same sugar or black coffee. Lunch can be a little heavier as two boiled eggs and one glass of cooked spinach. Dinner can be either a celery salad or a six-ounce steak.

B. Tuesday's breakfast can be another coffee or tea with the same sugar and crackers of water. Lunch can be a celery salad or salad, a six-ounce steak and dinner is eight oz. ham.

C. Wednesday can be both breakfast and dinner, but lunch can be two eggs, one glass of bean and one cup of tomatoes.

D. Thursday morning is the same as lunch is boiled eggs and one raw carrot. Dinner is a regular cup of yogurt and a cup of fruit salad.

E. Friday's breakfast is black coffee and raw carrots; lunch is steamed fish with tomato salad; and a six-ounce steak salad.

F. Saturday starts with green tea followed by eight-fried chicken and two boiled eggs and carrot.

G. Sunday starts with tea with lemon and then eight-ounce stews, followed by a proper dinner to mark the weekend.


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