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5 Essential Fat Loss Tips to Lose Belly Fat

Many of us who have problems cannot lose belly fat or even when you lose your belly fat, you put it back in after just a few months. Many come to a diet that promises to lose fat fast without doing much but cutting calories too low - while it may be tempting, you will only be disappointed or end up in worse condition than when you started your diet. You see, this diet has no overview in mind and only ends in failure.

Here are 5 Essential Fat Loss Tips that you need to follow if you want to lose belly fat and turn it off properly.

Use NON-DIET to Reduce Belly Fat

Low calorie diets and diets are a major contributor to lowering your metabolism and increasing storage of belly fat.

How is it?

Enough, our bodies go into defense of 'starvation'. starving. It becomes very efficient to make the most of the calories gained rather than the muscle to provide it with the few calories it needs to keep functioning.

This leads to muscle loss, which in turn lowers your metabolism (the rate at which your body burns calories / fat.

Your body can now work with fewer calories while losing fat. When you are no longer able to handle a low calorie diet (which is the case in most cases) your calorie intake is back to normal, you gain more fat because of your poor muscle and slower metabolism.

Instead of focusing on whole foods whole foods, in 5-6 regular calorie snacks throughout the day, they contain protein (chicken, fish, eggs), good carbohydrates (complex carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables), lots of fiber and some healthy fats. (fish oil, olive oil).

Also Remove calorie drinks and alcohol, and drink Water and Green Tea instead.


Without exercise, you may lose some fat but you will not gain body weight. Instead you will be small and shaky.

Reaching a slim body, toning takes commitment to regular exercise. If you start a diet that doesn't give you enough energy or fuel to exercise, this is a sure sign that you will not get long term results. However if your diet plan requires you to exercise excessively, this is not practical to maintain.

Exercise should suit your life and allow you to do what you enjoy.

Make sure your training is interesting

Not just one exercise will lose all your belly fat. Hours and hours of cardio, will help you lose some fat (maybe ?!) but will not get rid of all your stubborn belly fat, just like thousands of sitting around doing jack shit to lose belly fat. You see, the human body adapts quickly to whatever we offer. If you don't give yourself a reason to make changes, it won't

Variety will keep your body guessing and maximizing your fat burning efforts. Strength Training Blends, with core coolers, interval training and weight circuits to cure your fat burning furnace, improve metabolism and burn belly fat. It is a myth that lifting weight for many women, you do not have enough hormones needed to build a large amount of muscle.

Even men have a hard time gaining muscle and it's something you have to work hard to achieve, male or female.


I noticed at the gym, there were always people coming in and doing the same routine every time and one year down the line they still looked the same.

They sit on their bikes reading books or newspapers thinking their stomach fat will magically fall, or do 10 repetitions of bicep curls, stand for 2 minutes to talk to their friends and then make a set of crunches on the ball of stability. You're only joking if you think that exercise like this will lose your belly fat.

Research has shown that very short and intense intensity exercises such as interval training and metabolic circuits are very effective in burning stubborn belly fat.

This exercise continues to burn calories and fat for up to 36 hours after the workout is over, and that's something you won't get from slower, longer training sessions.

Cut Out Your Training Time and Reduce Belly Fat

You don't have to spend hours and hours working; There are many ways you can get full time training.

For example, when heavy training uses circuits and super sets. Supersets are two different exercises to combat muscle groups without having to rest in between. (Example: Weight Loss Squats and Press-Ups)

Just do one exercise, followed by the second exercise, with no breaks in between. Both methods add intensity to your training, and reduce your training time by half.


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