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4 Flat Stomach Cardio Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Fast

There are dozens and dozens of different cardio exercises to do but most people find them completely wrong. Do you really think that you can get a lean stomach by walking on the treadmill a few hours a week? If that happens then you will see more people on the beach showing flat stomachs or six pack abs. You want different results, but you can't do this over and over again. If you do the same exercises over and over again then your results will be the same next month and next year. In this article I show you cardio exercises that really work to get a quick workout. You'll see the results you see in a few weeks and the life changes in a short twelve weeks.

Swim "Sprint-style" swimming exercises should be included once or twice a week in your regular training routine. Get in the water and swim as fast as you can across the pool. Take about twenty to fourteen seconds between sprints to catch your breath. The remaining hose should be kept fairly short by swimming.

Sprinting For slimming down fat loss it is best to lose fat fast and then walk normally. You don't have to trust me blindly but look at a professional runner rather than a marathon runner. Most runners have a very lean, muscular and strong body. On the other hand, the average marathon runner is thinner and looks sicker. Our bodies are designed to do stop and go movements (fast runs) instead of steady-state movements (marathon runners). But while running is a stubborn fat burning exercise, you may also need a higher challenge.

Sprint winds and rolling hills Wind and sprint running is one of the most effective high-intensity cardiovascular exercises to keep you lean in almost no time. View sprint hills as a combination of heavy lifting and regular running. Have you heard of the term "high runner"? This is an euphoria caused by endorphins (a type of hormone). Hill training is an exercise that needs to be done outside the home. This makes sense of course but improving your body does not mean spending hours and hours in crowded fitness centers. Needless to say you need to run down the hill as soon as possible. Walking down the hill is your recovery interval.

Rowing Rowing is a training that must be part of your training regime. By paddling you train larger muscle groups in your lower and upper body areas. After rowing for about ten minutes your body actually burns fat. To burn fat by walking on a treadmill, you must work at least twenty or thirty minutes to get into the fat burning zone.

This cardio exercise is great for getting a flat stomach quickly but of course you need to do it right. Delaying will not produce the results you want. Keep in mind that even the best exercises are worthless without proper nutrition.


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