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3 Day Diet - How To Do It and Why It Works

How to take a 3-Day Diet in a healthy way is a popular question for anyone who wants to lose weight. Losing weight fast when we get a special event coming soon can be difficult, but there are ways you can speed up the process in a healthy way. Asian women have been practicing the 3 Day Diet for weight loss for centuries, and today I will give you an example of the popular method we use.

3 Day Diet - How to Do It and Why It Works

Before we get to the point of losing weight in three days I want to emphasize that you MUST NOT go without food, or take the latest diet pills, or do any other unhealthy tactics to achieve weight loss quickly.

In the long run, these shortcuts only hurt you, and they actually produce a negative reaction in your body that will give you GAIN weight faster once you quit!

To make a proper diet that lasts only a few days and gives you maximum weight loss I want you to focus on a few key points:

1. ALL salt, sugar, and carbohydrates are prohibited. For the next three days you will reduce them to almost zero.

All three of these items make you retain terrible water, which means they may lose 5 pounds just by removing some of the water from your system for a while. This can happen within 24 hours, so it's important to take this rule seriously. No salt, no carbohydrates!

2. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, minimum.

To keep water low, you need to drink more. Most exciting, but that's how the body works. If you think you need water, it will keep it all over your body. If it knows you are getting good supply then it will not hold anything beyond the basic minimum. Drink more to maintain less, always remember that.

3. Do these 30 minutes of simple exercises for your daily routine.

It's called Boost Total Body Asia, and it's something that works really well to lose weight fast. To do this, I want you to choose your favorite form of exercise, whether it's running, or dancing, or whatever. It doesn't matter what you do. I want you to get the timer (the kitchen cook timer is good!) And I want you to set the timer for 60 seconds.

Start by doing your favorite workout with maximum effort, 100%, full speed, for 60 seconds straight. If you're a jogger, I want you SPRINT. If you dance, I want you to go CRAZY. If you're on a bike, I want you to pedal as if a monster is chasing you! After 60 seconds, I want you to immediately slow down the standard relaxation speed. Do the "cool down" phase for 60 seconds, too.

And repeat! 60 seconds ON, 60 seconds OFF. That all.

If you can do 10 rounds of Total Body Boost your body will shock your body to the maximum, and if you are going to lose weight in the short term it is critical.

Diet Tricks for Losing Your Own Using Asian Secrets

Everyone I spoke to today is sick with the latest diet program, where you either STARVING or try BRUTAL exercises to lose weight.


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