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Yerba Mate, The Great South American Elixir

You probably haven't heard much about Yerba Mate (called "mah tay"). I heard about a few years ago when researching popular protein drink ingredients. However, I realize that Yerba Mate is not a new discovery. In fact, indigenous peoples of South America have been using it at least since the early 1500s.

In addition to being a popular beverage throughout South America, it is also considered the most commonly used herbal remedy for boosting endurance, reducing fatigue, suppressing hunger and helping digestion. Here in America, Yerba Mate is often marketed as a diet / energy detoxification diet. It is also an ingredient you will find in the diet or tonic pills you see in the market today.

As a tea, it can be served cold as a refreshing ice tea drink or it can be roasted strong and inhaling hot. You can also add cream or milk to what I like to call my "Mate Latte". Whether it is, drinking it as a hot or cold tea provides your body with a lot of healthy antioxidants and a healthy boost of energy.

When I drink it, I usually find I have more continuous energy stimulation than coffee, with no accidents or any stomach or stomach problems that I find after drinking coffee. Many people report that drinking Yerba Mate produces a general sense of alertness, but can still sleep for a while.

Yerba Mate is far less educated than his Green Tea cousin, but some scientific research has been done and published in recent years. Throughout this study, it showed that it looks like a head and shoulders above the benefits of Green Tea. It looks like there are 196 active compounds while the active compounds found in Green tea are just 144.

Yerba Mate contains xanthines. Xanthines are chemicals that can increase your metabolic rate by up to 10% and are rich in pantotenic acid, which prevents the stimulation of the nervous system. It has been shown to be a powerful antioxidant and a mouth cancer fighter.

Other studies confirm the activity of polyphenols present in this tea, and it is highly recommended as a general cleansing drink. Some small studies have found it helps to lose weight. Most studies have concluded that the daily use of 500 to 1,500 mg of Yerba Mate is an effective supplement for weight loss. But scientists also say more studies are needed.

Yerba Mate is for those who live a fast life and for those of us who only need a little bit of healthy energy from time to time. Everyone can benefit from the antioxidant activity they contain, as well as the therapeutic benefits. Yerba Mate is not very expensive and can be found online or at most health food stores.


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