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Yeast Infection Tongue

Yeast infection is a symptom of yeast infection. You see, the human tongue is a good indicator of one's health and much can be gained from examination every now and then.

If you see a black tongue in your mouth, get a doctor right away. This can be a serious indicator of a serious condition. However, the purpose of this article is more about digestive issues, which are more related to white tongue, so let's move on ...

A white tongue, as we said before, is a sign that you may be under digestive pressure. Taking some digestive enzymes can help you if this happens, as it helps you to digest your food better. A white tongue can also be a symptom of candida.

Oral tract, a painful candida infection that must be treated with antifreeze, can be shown through the white area and pain in your mouth and cheeks. It is recommended by your doctor to chew nystatin in your mouth and swallow this. FiveLac or ThreeLac also works, put some powder on your tongue and let it sit there a little, and then swallow. You can also make two colloidal silver solution for three or four ounces of water, and swish that around as well, but don't swallow it.

Red spots on the back of the tongue can be a sign of estrogen imbalance or some other form of imbalance in women. Have a doctor run a hormone panel on you if you are looking for a tongue like this. Extra estrogen can also be a sign of PCOS (poly ovarian ovarian syndrome), and possibly candida problems as well, because estrogen allows it.


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