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Winning a Vivid Sydney Cruise Ticket by Chance

My decision to continue my studies in Australia has been one of the best steps I have taken - so far! The first two months I was done settling in, testing the waters, familiarizing myself with Sydney and of course the people - nothing to complain about or complain about. An introvert whom I surprised made some friends, but never really made the effort to find a friend who shared a common interest to meet regularly. As sad and sad as it may be, I'm still in the process of going to the movies and exploring new places and things to do myself!

I'm definitely not a loner, but I know that your company is more important than the journey you take. 'Never go out to meet anyone you don't like,' Ernest Hemingway's quote might better explain my perspective. I went with my college friends to movies and other activities, which were popularly accepted by the majority. But activities related to personal interests and choices have a limited take, so I'd rather do things than just accidentally drag someone down for the company.

Vivid Sydney is a great time to be in Sydney, or so I've read, and I can't wait to enjoy the festivities of Vivid lights. It is one of the most exciting festivals to bring new life to Sydney as winter begins. My friends were keen to spend one night, if not more, going down to the harbor and other Vivid areas to see the light installation.

But Vivid Sydney is about more than that - it's a celebration of light, music and ideas. Part 'idea' is often lost in translation and what is highlighted is the visual brilliance of this visual extravaganza. In addition to these events and music events and performances, there are many exciting seminars, classes and creative discussions during Vivid Sydney that really showcase your creative thinking.

When I enthusiastically voiced the idea of ​​attending one of these talks with my friends, no one was interested. I'm the kind of person who gets lost off the beaten track, so I go by myself. The talk about 'Data: Changing Science and Society', caught my attention. To the general public it may seem boring, but the topic is actually relevant today.

Data is considered a collection of facts and figures that are not meaningful until its analysis reveals a lot of information. The Internet has unreliable amounts of data that can leverage useful information for many businesses and industries.

Believe it or not, after the seminar, a small quiz was conducted based on what was discussed and wondering what the magic was, I won the prize! Tickets to the Vivid Sydney cruise! I think it's weird because it's a Vivid dinner cruise ticket for one. Loner or not, I don't think anyone wants to go on a Sydney Harbor dinner cruise alone! I asked a few questions and was told that they had run out of Vivid Sydney cruise gift vouchers, so they blocked it for one event.

It was fun to win something and I was in a good mood! The thought of going for a Vivid Sydney Harbor cruise alone left my mind but the thought of a good dinner overcame it. Living on a rich diet of noodles and toast & oily eggs, I do not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy a good meal for a change. Since the talk started earlier, I had plenty of time to leave at 7pm Vivid Sydney cruise.

From the information on the gift voucher, I won the ticket on the Vivid foam dinner cruise, so I didn't expect much in terms of luxury and convenience. But when I look at the boat, it looks beautiful and modern. The interior is well-appointed and tastefully furnished with elegant carpets and elegant table settings. The friendly wait staff ensured I wasn't intimidated by the whole experience and showed me to my window seat which gave me a great view of Vivid's installation at the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House, not the color kaleidoscope that passed me by!

I thought I would be the only guest to eat but there was another person sitting at the table for two. We started talking after dinner as we walked on the deck, taking in the view of the Opera house all lit up for Vivid Sydney. The poor guy actually stood up but decided to keep sailing.

Tickets for the Vivid Sydney cruise also make it a good Vivid cruise, even for college students. I had to recommend it to my college friends and get back to the company - this is definitely something they will be interested in!


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