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Why Some Popular Diets Aren't Good For You

"You're just as fat as the food you eat," is a very popular phrase nowadays and everyone is trying to lose weight with a low-fat diet. Sounds pretty logical right? Eat less and lose fat, right? The concept works in our head but being honest isn't exactly how it works in reality. I will tell you how low-fat diets work in reality and why you should stay away from low-calorie diets like negative calorie diets.

Low-fat diets should be one of the biggest traps for people who are trying to lose weight just because they damage their metabolism. Think about it. Low diet diets basically mean you eat less and you are almost starving yourself. This causes you, perhaps slowly, the metabolism to slow down dramatically and, to cut a long story short, will be the end of your fat burning days. In other words, you will lose weight initially with a low fat diet but in the end you will find it difficult to maintain your weight and eventually you will lose it all over again. You don't want to do that?

Oh, but you've read so many testimonials about how low-fat diets help others. As I said before with a low fat diet you will lose weight but you will eventually have trouble maintaining it. People who write testimonials have lost weight but have not felt the effects of resting on their metabolism.

Don't curse your metabolism for a quick fix because you want to lose skin in 2 weeks. You might regret it in the future. I'm warning you that a low-fat diet can mean you have to stay on a diet for the rest of your life to stay lean. It was day after day feeling a week of energy shortage and hunger in your stomach twenty four seven.

Do yourself a favor and stay away from a low-fat diet. There are many other diets out there that will benefit you. Instead of eating less why not try to eat healthier foods. Do a little research and find a good diet for you. Maybe a little exercise won't hurt. Just be careful with a low-fat diet.

Don't sit there anymore, get up and find out what diet you need. However, just stay away from a low-fat diet.


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