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Why Even Celebrities Endorse the South Beach Diet - A Food For Thought

The world is used for the promotion of celebrities, from politics, clothing and everything in between. What is different when they promote a diet plan is that weight control is part and parcel of their career. Most celebs need to maintain their trim, their bodies as part of their job. Packing on a pound, will cause the headline to declare a star's nightmare. Because their weight loss and fitness programs are a must to maintain their image, this is an affirmation in which they actually practice what they teach.

What foods do some celebrities like? The answer is the South Beach Diet and that's because they have had great results. Troy Aikman (Dallas Cowboys fame) claims, "It works for me, I've lost 10 pounds. It's been good". The reason why the South Beach Diet is a diet plan has been chosen by so many celebrities as it provides fast weight loss results and promotes healthy eating throughout life. Outlining a plan for successful weight loss, the South Coast Diet does not permanently eliminate one food group. On the contrary, diet regimens set the methodology for choosing good carbohydrates instead of bad ones. There is good fat, which is permissible, and bad fat, which must be avoided.

So, what celebrity does the South Beach Diet follow? Nicole Kidman is one, along with Oprah Winfrey, Bill Clinton, Lorna Luft, Bette Midler and Kim Cattrall known as "Sex in the City." Each individual claims the great result of following a weight loss plan. Kim Cattrall has openly added that she is following the South Coast Diet and added exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unbelievably, Bill Clinton has said goodbye to his long burger days, and has lost thirty-five pounds reportedly in his commitment to the weight loss program. Lorna Luft (Judy Garland's daughter) claims the South Coast Diet is one she uses to lose weight.

South Beach "was a reaction when Robin magazine Health magazine's Robin Vitetta-Miller responded to a question about Nicole Kidman's weight loss program. "

Oprah Winfrey's battle with weight loss has been a roller coaster that all Americans have watched for years. Now, it seems, the celebrity has discovered his plan, which he will continue to use to control weight for the rest of his life. And her plan is the South Coast Diet.

Some of these celebrities are known for saying what they have in mind. It is known that being shown on television is gaining weight just because of the media used. How "fat" celebrities appear when viewed is a key consideration when planning a show. Maintaining weight is one of the priorities. Failure to project "images" has abused their career (remember Kirstie Alley of "Cheers" fame?).

When you consider that the financial future of celebrities is directly tied to their appearance, you can easily accept that they truly believe in the weight loss regime they are promoting. The South Beach Diet has gained not only acceptance, but is considered by celebs as a way to lose weight for life. A healthy lifestyle approach to the South Beach Diet can be practiced anywhere. It can be followed while eating at a restaurant or while traveling. It doesn't involve buying hard to find products. All you need to lose weight with this plan is in neighborhood stores. Your diet regime will include a wide selection of foods from all groups. This makes the South Beach Diet very mobile - you can use it anywhere you go. That's an important issue for Hollywood celebrities around the world.

Bette Midler, a singer and actress, was shocked by the huge weight loss at the South Beach Diet. He claims to have lost one pound a day. It is rumored that he is announcing that he will be on the path to a healthy lifestyle if he can develop a regular exercise regimen to go with his lower body. Linda Silver, a Los Angeles-based beauty teacher, says, "I did it (South Beach) and it worked really well. I lost 14 pounds in two weeks and it's better than I have no desire for sugar, bread or carbohydrates. With the support from California to Washington DC, it's no surprise that many people are talking about the amazing weight loss results from this program.

Fundamentally, the reason why the South Coast Diet works so well is that it is based on the metabolic function of science. It is designed to limit foods that increase blood glucose levels. Weight loss occurs when calories are burned beyond calorie intake. The faster the metabolic food, the faster the calories burn. High blood sugar levels mean lower metabolic rate. Eliminate foods known to cause high blood glucose levels and you will lose excess weight. Adding exercise to the diet regimen, metabolism will speed up. Then take science and formulate a plan that is easy to follow and works for a lifetime. That's the South Coast Diet.

To get the support of various celebrities for diet programs, it must work and there must be good scientific principles that support weight loss plans. The Diet Beach South works because the basis of the regimen set is scientific. When celebrities like Oprah Winfrey say that weight loss programs work, she means. We can trust them because we can see them because they are losing weight. The late Clinton bill is a leaner, more trimmer person than the one who left the White House. Bette Midler looks very comfortable on stage today. From politicians to stars, sports celebrities and host of talk shows, the South Beach Diet claims they are losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


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