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Why Choose The Mediterranean Diet - Follow This And No More

What are the new diseases in the "Welfare" community?

* Weight loss

* Heart attack

* Diabetes

* Cancer

* Life-related illnesses

* Pressure

* And others...

The first thing we can recognize is that we consume less calories than we add. We ate the same as our grandma but did not do physical activity (our grandmother came from a farm community where she used to do 10 hours a day of physical activity in the camp)

Eating as a Mediterranean person can solve this problem.

The Mediterranean Diet is not a "Diet" but a way of eating that has been followed for centuries by the Mediterranean people (Italy, Greece, France, Spain, the Middle East, etc ...).

The most common misconception about this diet is that there is no proper "Diet". When people talk about the Mediterranean diet they should talk about healthy foods for eating instead of quantity (which is why there are other dieters and doctors who can help).

Here are 10 reasons to help you live a better life by eating like the Mediterranean.

1 ° As for other "Fad" diets (low carb, detox, etc ...), it's not expensive

2 ° It is a long-term diet that helps you maintain your weight after you lose it.

3 ° According to this principle, you will not lose weight regularly without damaging your body because.

4 ° It's Healthy - There are a thousand trusted studies that confirm its health benefits.

5 ° You won't find anyone talking bad about this diet. (doesn't remember the "Fad" dietary promoter)

6 ° Helps you live longer

7 ° It's delicious

8 ° Reduces risk of Alzheimer's, cancer, and heart disease

9 ° It's free for everyone and easy to access. In Spain they are promoting that this diet is part of the U.N.E.S.C.O. legacy.

10 ° I'm Sicily (Italy) and I've been eating Mediterranean food for 24 years and I've never had any health problems

The most common misconception about this diet is that there is no proper "Diet". People should consider healthy foods instead of quantity.


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