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White Willow Bark - The Critical Weight Loss (Diet) Assistant

Hippocrates was probably the first person to record the benefits of white willow bark. He did it in the 5th century BC. In 1828 a French pharmacist, Henri Leroux and an Italian chemist, Raffaele Piria, we were able to separate the compounds in gray brown from a white willow tree (Salix alba) known as salicin. Since then, salicylic acid, active salicine derivatives have been isolated and have found home as one of the main ingredients in aspirin.

In order to get bigger, better, faster, the bodybuilding industry is popularizing the concept of "organizing" or combining certain materials to take advantage of their synergy effect. Synergy occurs when ingredients are combined and the specific combinations of these ingredients benefit from the individual benefits that can be realized if they are taken separately from each other.

For decades, the ECA pile has ruled for its popularity in the bodybuilding industry. This is a "pile" that combines Ephedra, Caffeine and Aspirin. Although these combination ratios vary, 25 milligrams of ephedra are usually combined with 200 milligrams of Caffeine and 325 milligrams of Aspirin. Unfortunately, this combination became extremely difficult to unify when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the sale of all ephedra-containing food supplements on February 6, 2004. Although many studies show safety of ephedra in controlled doses, the FDA will not rush to find that ephedra causes "the risk of unreasonable illness or injury." On August 17, 2006, after being challenged in federal appeals court, the FDA upheld the ephedra ban with 133,000 page reports citing 19,000 individual side effects. In the midst of this dilemma, ephedra alternatives were quickly put in place to combine caffeine and aspirin.

Conceptually, the ECA stack helps with weight loss and energy gain. Certain stimuli, such as ephedra known as "beta agonists", mean that they act as a key to certain genes in the body (targeting "adrenergic receptors beta-2" or "ADRB2") to unlock the genetic response. The three reactions that are believed to be locked are increased levels of norepinephrine, increased levels of epinephrine and increased levels of the adenosine monophosphate cycle (cAMP).

Norepinephrine and epinephrine are similar. Both are common neurotransmitters in the brain that also act as hormones in the body. As norepinephrine and cAMP levels increase, increased heart rate and glucose release are triggered from energy stored in the body. When taken in a heap with caffeine and aspirin, this chain increases blood flow to muscle tissue and increases body temperature, creating a thermogenic effect on the body. It is also believed that during this process, the body begins to burn white adipose fat, appetite becomes depressed, and fatigue decreases as energy levels increase.

When a pile of stimulants and aspirin (or white willow skin) enters the body, a small amount of light (not literally) tells the body that it is only stimulated when metabolism begins to increase. In response, the body begins to produce phosphodiesterase inside the cell and prostaglandins outside the cell. Both of these reactions reduce cAMP levels, slowing down the metabolic stimulation of the ECA stack.

Caffeine prevents cAMP levels from decreasing by inhibiting phosphodiesterase production in the cell, while increasing the production of the body's epinephrine, which in turn helps to increase cAMP levels. Aspirin (or white willow skin) prevents cAMP levels from decreasing by blocking prostaglandin production outside the body's cells. Through certain actions of caffeine and aspirin (or white willow skin), thermogenesis can be maintained for longer periods of time while metabolism is maintained at a higher rate, allowing the body to burn more calories.

Taking a combination of ingredients before exercising should also help with better work, as the body will not get tired quickly and the muscles will recover and feel refreshed faster. All that being said, please keep in mind that your body is not designed to burn stored fat as fuel, if you eat more calories daily than your body burns as fuel. Taking a dietary supplement can help your body burn more calories, but not expect dramatic, long-term changes in your body shape without changing your lifestyle to your eating and exercise habits.


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