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What is an IUI?

At IUI (intrauterine insemination) is a common infertility procedure performed by the RE or OB / GYN and is scheduled for women with PCOS (and women with other fertility problems) after an extensive medical cycle (Clomid / Femara and injection drugs). The test is performed before the IUI to determine if the patient has at least one, if not more, mature follicle (ultrasound and estradiol as mentioned in the previous post). IUI is often used when the patient has a clear follicle but is still unable to conceive. This is a great way to "bypass" hostile internal environments and / or hostile cervical mucus.

Prior to the procedure, your husband will be instructed to visit the laboratory and prepare semen samples. The lab will then take this sample and place it through the "wash" protocol. After the semen is washed, it will break into your examination room. Doctors start by entering the specimen, just as in your annual exam. Then using water or a sperm-friendly lubricant such as PreSeed, the doctor inserts a very thin and flexible catheter into the cervix. Sperm washed (Sperm washing allows your husband's sperm to have a higher chance of survival and fertilization. Washing separates sperm cells from semen, which helps eliminate sperm and other damaged or slow chemicals that can cause clotting) and then injected through the catheter and into the womb . IUI's It's usually done about 24 hours after the injection of your HCG trigger, before ovulation, so that the sperm is in the womb, waiting for the egg. The process is actually quite short, probably just minutes from start to finish.

IUI's While it's usually not painful, you may experience slight cramps (similar to the atrocities experienced during your period) during and after the procedure. The only discomfort most talked about is the speculative discomfort.

After the procedure is complete, you will be instructed to lay flat on the examination table for 20-30 minutes and then you will be OK to go. Most doctors recommend that you go home and rest for the whole day, and this is a good idea. One of the most common questions is "do I have to lie down all day?" The answer is no. The semen will not "leak" because your cervix is ​​completely closed.

Some doctors will recommend that you have sex with the IUI to make sure you set the time correctly, and some sperm are waiting for eggs. If your husband's sperm count is good, you can have sex every day throughout your fertility period, and this, in theory, increases your chances of conception because you insure that one little boy catches the egg !!

Just like any other cycle, you will be able to get a pregnancy test 2 weeks after your ovulation date. IUI's It's not the same as IVF. IVF is a very aggressive infertility procedure that is often performed when the aforementioned protocol does not work, or when recommended by OB / GYN or RE where circumstances exist.

IUI is just another addition to the detailed and busy medical protocol used to help women with PCOS.

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