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What is Caycedian Sophrology?

It is very difficult to describe in words what Cayedian Sophielogy is, because of the creative way in which it is done (through experience) and because of its breadth. Instead, the practice is to keep playing with children.

However I would say that it is largely based on: Phenomenology / Philosophy, Medicine, Science, Psychology, Meditation, Yoga, Zen and Tummo. So it combines a great deal of knowledge from the East and the West and covers all aspects of our human existence. It is designed to allow us to discover and develop at every level. It can also be used as a preventative therapy (in prophylaxis). By practicing specific techniques we learn to make the most of our existence, without any form of medicine.

C. Sophrology patented the OMPI (World Intellectual Property Organization) in Geneva, adding "Caycedian" to distinguish and protect it from something called Sophrology. Although the method is only 50 years old, it holds a very promising future. Unlike many other sciences, it has been scientifically tested, tested, and approved. Every individual who has tried the Caycedian Philosophy will affirm that it is the fastest and most efficient discipline in helping humanity, with lasting results.

The founder of Sophisticated Caycedian, Prof. Caycedo, a Spanish psychiatrist, neurologist and phenomenologist dedicates his time to medical / scientific research. And his investigations are beyond doubt, leading to one of the greatest breakthroughs in the overall health of the human species. Because he has succeeded in producing powerful, accurate and Vivencial methods (performed in real life), supported by scientific evidence.

To say that it brings the body and mind into harmony - allows us to manage our stress more efficiently - or installs more joy, peace and love (which is all true), just surface scratches. However, each of my articles will keep you close to understanding C. Sophrology.


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