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Weight Loss Beyond Eating Right And Exercise

Do you exercise at least three times a week and try your best to eat properly, just to see a bit of results? You ask yourself many questions What's wrong? and many times you plan to quit. You've tried many diets but nothing really works.

As a Personal Trainer and Naturopathic Specialist / Herbalist I faced this challenge with some of my clients until I came up with a great solution.

In the process of losing weight there are a few things to consider but for now I will discuss two of them; muscle and its effect on metabolism, and use body fat as fuel.

One of the things to consider when trying to lose weight is knowing that muscle = metabolism because there is no escape from it. Show me someone with great muscles and I'll show you someone who has a really good metabolism. At university my teachers were amazed that my body fat was 0% percent but it was also amazing that as soon as I ate, I would have bowel movements in no time. In addition, my metabolic rate is about 4000 calories at rest and I weigh only one hundred and fifty lbs at five-six feet.

Now that you have an idea of ​​the importance of muscles in the weight loss process, let me help you grow your muscles. In the process of developing toned muscles, protein is important as it is the building block of our body and especially our muscles, but to build muscle with protein we must synthesize protein. This is a major problem for many people and therefore they do not develop the muscles needed to burn fat. Another way in which we have trouble developing muscles is to eat or drink sugar products before going to bed. No matter how hard you exercise, muscle building and weight loss really happen while we sleep. Maintaining sugar and sugar products before bed will prevent the body from releasing the human growth hormone (HGH) that the body uses to repair, rebuild and regenerate. When you are sick after a hard day of exercising your body uses a lot of fat as a source of energy to revive itself and carbohydrates to survive. Therefore if HGH is blocked, muscle building is blocked and fat burning is blocked.

My second topic is using fat as fuel, before, during and after exercise. During exercise your body will use carbohydrates as your first source of energy. After our carbohydrate level is low and conservation needs to be done to have enough for your body organ function will turn into your fat shop house and use fat as your main source of energy. This process is called the second wind and at this point you feel like you can conquer the army. Some systems will do this easily and efficiently while some of the human body will not be able to do this and once their low carb levels their exercise session ends due to their system being unbalanced and unable to move.

The process of using fat for fuel is exciting and many companies that make weight loss products do not really get it and so they make a lot of products to improve your system and hope that it helps to lose weight which is always temporal.

In the process of fat burning, the fat must be broken down first / taken from the fat storage. There is an oil called conjugated lanoic acid that the body effectively uses to do this. Now the fats need to be diluted to easily move into the bloodstream and cold cayenne is a good product to warm your blood and body. Due to the extra heat in your blood the fat is diluted by it. The next step is to transport the body using an amino acid called L-cartinine to capture fat and transport it to the mitochondrial / energy production center to burn and grow the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) system. The amount of muscle we have will determine the amount of fat we burn. The four-step process is important for fat loss. Fractionation, fluid, transport and combustion. Without all four of these processes, weight loss will not be a real weight loss but a loss of muscle or water loss. Our bodies are constantly striving to bring our system to the state of homeostasis and most of the weight loss products out there are just reviving your system and even though you may look less stressed at first the body is just figuring out how to combat it and once it does, weight loss stop and most of the time it will be reversed.

The weight we find is the result of something in our system that is unbalanced and our main task is to bring our system back into balance and then the weight loss process will be natural and long lasting because if you give the body what it needs the body will be free do his job.


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