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Walking to Lose Weight - How Much Walking is Needed to Lose Weight?

If you've read my other articles then you already know that walking is the best way to lose your current weight. However, the key question that remains unknown is how much walking is required to lose weight. This article will be more detailed about how much walking and what kind of walking required to shed a few extra pounds. The goal is to educate you on the amount of time you have to spend to start to see the difference in your body.

As discussed in my previous article, your body type determines how much walking it takes to lose weight. Everyone controls different exercises, so everyone's body responds differently. A recent study showed that women who exercise at least 30 minutes of walking reduce their risk of diabetes by 30% and can drastically reduce weight. The study also shows that women who run 30 minutes to one hour a day lose 20% of their belly fat after 14 weeks without changing their diet. This shows that the difficult question of "how much walking does it take to lose weight" is as simple as a 30-minute answer.

Now keep in mind that there are different methods you can play when determining how much walking you need to lose weight. But for the above facts only normal walking has been taken to play to see this result. If you go at a slower pace, you will see more drastic results.

This is one of the few exercises where you can lose a few pounds, level your stomach, and increase your blood pressure level within 2 weeks. I'm sure you never thought asking yourself how much walking needed to lose weight would be easy. But actually, it is. This is the whole and the whole truth. Not to mention, it is fun for many people and not a difficult task. You can bring some music or friends at the same time to have a good chat. Time will fly by and you will feel refreshed afterwards. Here to go for fun!


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