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Understanding Menopause and Heart Palpitations

Menopause can bring many symptoms to a woman. During this time, there are many changes in the hormone that lead to some physical, emotional and psychological problems. The most common symptom is heart belpitation. This is a sudden increase in heart beat even in times when one is not overly aggressive. Let's understand the relationship between menopause and heart belpitation.

The heart rhythm that occurs during menopause is said to be the result of hormone changes. It is caused by changes in the levels of progesterone and estrogen that can cause confusion in the body. That's why the heart beats aggressively while the body sweats vigorously. Women who have taken some hormone replacement therapy or HRT will experience increased heart rate during their first trial.

This palpitation actually disappeared within a few months after they started. The body just needs to get rid of the hormone changes. Although menopause and heart palpitations may occur together, they are not considered a health problem as they are normal. What we need to understand is how to accept this change in our lifetime.

Some cases of suffering occur due to stimulation. When you enter menopause, it is best to cut down on regular intake of coffee, alcohol, nicotine, diet pills, decongestants and all caffeinated beverages. Stimulants only increase heart rate which can worsen palpitations.

Other causes of heart palpitations that require more serious medical attention include hypoglycemia, anemia and thyroid problems. If this is accompanied by symptoms of menopause, it can be very harmful to our health. If this happens, we need to check with our doctor and see what procedures or medications can help treat it.

The normal relationship between menopause and heart palpitation only requires a healthy lifestyle. Of course, as we reach middle age, there will be changes in our emotions related to menopause. We need to make sure we stay calm. If we get angry and upset easily, then I can cause more suffering. You won't realize it at first but it can take hours or minutes after getting angry.

Maintaining a peaceful, peaceful and happy life. Avoid stress and anxiety as much as possible. Make sure you know how to control your emotions before they control you.


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