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There Is Something Seriously Wrong With the Health and Fitness Industry

Yes, the traditional methods offered by many gyms and personal trainers have become widely ineffective in improving your health, fitness and waistline.

Let's face it. Did you know that you need to exercise and eat well to lose weight and be fit? So why don't you take action?

I think that the obstacle you face is lack of energy to begin with, lack of time, misconceptions about which foods are healthy because all of the opposite and most important advice is your Reporting.

I often meet clients who have tried every diet known to men and exercise regularly and have told me that their goal is to achieve a certain amount of weight. The problem is that they quickly become frustrated and hear themselves say "I can't lose weight" or "I will not achieve my goal". When we have a negative mindset that focuses on "I can't lose weight" and so on and then you feel like you are right, you can't and you won't. Changing your mind, your personal and past experiences are important before you start exercising. You're not going to build a house without basic rights?

Usually (there are exceptions), when you go and see a personal trainer, you discuss your goals and they can weigh and measure you in the first session, maybe give you a diary (if you're lucky) and then throw you straight into the training program . What's wrong with this?

First, if these are people who have struggled with their weight for years, there is obviously a fundamental problem here that exercise / diet alone will not be solved. It's like going to a doctor for a chronic headache and the doctor giving you medication to make your headache go away. Headache may be better but what about headaches? Are you going to take the medicine forever? A better approach will be to investigate why you have a headache and treat the causes and not the symptoms. It's like someone who is overweight - there's a reason they got it and that should be a coach's approach.

With NLP (Neuro Lingistic Programming), it is possible to change past experiences and thoughts that prevent you from achieving your goals. You may have experiences as a child where someone picked you because you were slim or made comments that made you uncomfortable. The way you deal with it is to create a program to protect you from a more negative experience. Some of the programs we run are outdated and no longer provide us with the goal that they need to be deleted for you to move forward in life.

So when you decide to make changes to your health make sure you put your mind and language first.


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