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The Perils of a White Trash Diet

According to the latest statistics from the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

  • 66% of adults over 20 (over obese) are overweight

  • 32% of adults over the age of 20 are obese

  • 17% of teenagers ages 12-19 are overweight

  • 19% of children ages 6-11 are overweight

Those are really horrible statistics. We've become a big group of people, but we lie to ourselves trying to make peace with her by saying things like: "I'm comfortable with the way I look," "I'm not as big as her," or joking about it by saying "I "that's exactly what Momma gave me." I have news: Your mommy did NOT give you that. But he may have given you some bad eating habits.

There is no magic bullet behind the weight, and there are many reasons why we may experience less than the people around us. But here are some simple tips and nutrition knowledge I can give you that can help you. Since most people don't like to read loooooong articles, I'll just keep this as simple as I can:

1. Stop eating White Garbage!

White trash is usually refined sugar, white bread, white bread, bagels, white rice, white flour, tortillas, white potatoes, white corn, etc. But I wanted to expand on this definition to include what I would expect to find for American BBQ specials (I call it "BBQ"): hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, macaroni salad, fried chicken, potato chips, fried potatoes, baked beans ( sugar!), corn in the barrel (metabolizes down as sugar and starch!), and then - of course - pies, cakes and muffins for dessert. And beer and soda to wash everything.

The first mistake with this white food waste is that most of it is not "food" at all. They are refined and processed, taking nutrients in some cases (to preserve their shelf life), adding synthetic nutrients back, adding nitrates and nitrites as preservatives, sugars, corn syrup, and more. While many of us will avoid butter or real Mayonise in an effort to lose weight, we will still eat other non-food offenders. At least our bodies know how to handle "real fat" or "real foods" like butter. With fatty food products, our body has a hard time figuring out what to keep and what to burn.

The second mistake with white junk food is that it is high in the glycemic index and increases your blood sugar, thus triggering insulin to release in your body; Instead tell your body to store excess fat or to create new fat cells. This celebration takes place BEFORE you get to the gym. So in the future you think you'll burn it at the gym later, remember that your body is busy saving it earlier.

Because your body is not getting the proper nutrients from "whole" foods (not sown, not processed, not canned, not processed), it holds every bit possible.

2. Know the health history of the animals you eat.

Do you know if you raised salmon, pumped antibiotics and fed corn and given pink food coloring? Many salmon are grown. Most of all. Are your chickens injected with salt to cook them or (again) fed with corn and cages so they can't move (so they can lose weight fast), and are pumped with hormones and antibiotics? Sure ... sometimes they are raised without antibiotics, but they are pumped with them on their way to the meat processing plant.

Same with beef. It's still America's favorite meat. But most cows are kept in cages and feed only corn - MORE with corn. They are maintained so they can lose weight quickly. They continue to feed what is NOT part of their natural diet. They are taken to full weight within 1 year (by making them obese) so that they can be slaughtered BEFORE they die from the ulcers they receive on a diet of corn foods (which, as I said, are not part of their normal diet).

So we eat fat and sick animals. No wonder we are sick and fat ourselves!

The reason why this is so important, too, is because of toxins and how they relate to fat cells and obesity. I've been working at the Women's Fitness center recently, and EVERYONE there wants to lose weight. But their eyes would cross if I told them they had gallbladder problems. So I know that to get people to hear, "weight is a bait" - so I'm going to tell you now why you should care about the health of the animals you eat.

Briefly, toxins are stored in fat cells. Both are married. Therefore, if you can reduce yourself, you will have an easier time losing weight. Women - note this: we naturally carry a higher percentage of fat in our body. Therefore, we are more susceptible to toxic storage. And again, it creates a violent cycle of difficulty and / or inability to lose weight. Meat has a higher percentage of fat, and therefore it is more important to pay attention when considering its origin.

It is also widely believed (by myself including) that this stored toxin is largely responsible for many cancers in our reproductive organs.

I'm not a vegetarian myself, but I advise people to be careful when buying their meat. This is a big reason why we have a sick community. We demand cheap food, but we definitely get what we pay for. Believe me, I am well aware of today's budget and I cannot always buy the highest and highest elite food. But I MUST decide to cut back on some meat so I can eat better.


More and more people in the United States are exposed to the truth about food supply, vendors listen and give us what we want. We have more access to organic food than ever before; we have the Farmers Market, we have the internet so things like "unhealthy agricultural practices" are no longer a secret for a long time. We can go to our local Trader Joe's and ask for beef fed. We can easily find the "free / allowed to treat" chickens. The more people demand it, the more economies of supply and demand will bring prices to the lower ranks.

But awareness is key, and we must make that change AND tell our family and friends ... that way, we not only encourage each other and support, but we create the kind of demand for healthy foods that will help our bodies become better able to metabolize.


In conclusion, here are 2 simple things you can do right away for the health and well-being of everyone you care about: eating food in their natural state (vegetables of all kinds & colors - not white trash!), And health conscious the animals that your meat eats.

Keeping your diet on both faces addresses two key issues behind the difficulty in losing weight for almost everyone: insulin and toxins. I assure you that if you follow these two tips, they are worth more than all the calorie count, weight and round surgery in the world.


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