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The "Fear Of Failing" and Diabetes - Overcoming And Understanding This Destructive Emotion

How it all started.

From the beginning when the doctor said these words to you, "You got diabetes" you should have had a lot of incredible successes and frustrations that you couldn't stand. Remember, nutrition works for a while, how great, but exercise makes it worse - so it gets better. Next is the "side effect" of prescription drugs. What a scary string. Then there is a stronger drug threat or put "on the needle."

Processing all these ups and downs can make you nuts. After a while, most people come to a truce with all this. You know, we didn't really win, we just slipped to the side and went down slowly. We're scared. It's normal. But it is what can happen next that is dangerous.

You started out just a bit scared. Then, a prescription bottle, or blood or commercial blood glucose website on TV reacts to a "flight or fight". Obviously, it's a natural reaction, that is, if the Colorado Black Bear just breaks into your front room - but sweating and shaking is not the right reaction for your pill bottle or TV.

Fear of failure

Unreasonable reactions to all diabetes can start to deny you even the life-saving action you need to maintain your health, let alone the determination to keep trying something new. The unreasonable fears that haunt you may include the simplest actions like reading about a new diet or a successful supplement. This fear of developing this Emotional is called "Fear of Failure." In fact, it has a life of its own, and creates a destructive pattern of behavior within you. You've met the devil. You are now paralyzed with fear.

Drive this demon out of your life

Breaking or destroying new emotions or bad euro associations has several steps:

1) The first step is to recognize that "you really have this problem emotionally," Fear of Failure. "And that hinders you and your success. It prevents you from exploring the world for more alternatives and finding people who have success and who can help you.

2) Next, you simply "Decide," with the power of your brain, that you will cancel, stop or break these emotions now. A mere understanding of what happened to you might be enough to make this stop in a few days. (Remember, it's a serious obstacle to your life - but it's not Grizzly Bear who rips your kitchen, and maybe you do!) My friend, you can overcome this diabetes.

3) After that, you need some serious self motivation. Get "Leverage" on yourself. Understand and think hard about how this anxiety is ruining your hopes for success in managing or overcoming this diabetes. Use this to take action in different directions.

4) Lastly, you need to create new emotions or just "change your mind" when these fears start to paralyze you. Imagine; think hard about diabetes patients who have succeeded in reversing their diabetes. Imagine yourself having success like this. You become unstoppable in your quest to achieve a successful victory over diabetes. Maybe doing something physical like just getting up and then jumping up and down a few times, each time you fight your emotions and imagine your new success. There is professional support available to help with this Fear of Failure issue.

Diabetes is a difficult enemy in life, using every tool at your disposal to understand, control and overcome it.


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