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The Difference Between Acai Extreme and AcaiBurn

Can't decide between AcaiBurn and Acai Extreme? Read on and you'll find facts that differentiate the two.

How effective are they?
Well, being overweight helps both of them. Both products contain Acai berry extract, which helps you lose inches in a safe and healthy way. Acai extract is high in antioxidants and fiber. Both of these nutrients speed up your metabolism and facilitate digestion. This helps your body burn unnecessary fat from storing it.

Which works fast?
Both are effective shortly after you start taking them, but AcaiBurn is a bit faster than Acai Extreme. With AcaiBurn you begin to see the effects after three days of continuous use, Acai Extreme however takes a week to show signs and symptoms of weight loss.

What are they doing?
AcaiBurn has a mixture of pure Acai extract, natural appetite suppressants such as garcinia cambogia and sylvetre gimnea, and chromium polyniconate and green tea energy stabilizers, both of which are also natural. All of these ingredients together contribute to faster results.

Acai Extreme has several minerals and chemicals: sodium, magnesium, silicon dioxide, stearic acid, dicalcium phosphate, and calcium sulfate. As these components do not contribute to weight loss at all it is not certain why they have been added to the product besides shaking the pills to use less than expensive Acai extract powder.

You're supposed to be smarter than Acai berry products now, so why not read more about AcaiBurn? Also note above about Acai Extreme.


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