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The Best Exercise You Can Do

The Burpee, while it's funny the name may be the most effective and effective weight loss exercise you can do to build lean muscle and burn the beer belly. Not to be confused with Burp which actually makes room for more beer.

Unless you are experiencing emotional trauma from Burpee heart training that your gym teacher did in high school you remember how easy AND how difficult it was. In the stand, jump down and get four shots before pushing your back behind you to the top of the pushup.

With your body in a straight line do a regular push, then jump your back into your hands so you are in "all four" again. With explosive style jump straight from the height of your leg as you reach the right arm.

That's ONE rep ... that's right, one rep.

Congratulations! You just completed the most effective training in the world.

By doing two of the most natural upper and lower body movements in explosions, pushups and squats, you are building functional muscles that will burn fat.

You work your chest, shoulders, arms, back and abs with pushups. You then challenge your feet with jump jumps. Repeat the number of reps you want and wipe yourself off the floor. So now you have no reason to get big exercise in a while.


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