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The 6 Diet Secrets of the French

The French Paradox refers to the observation that French culture had a relatively low incidence of coronary heart disease, despite having a diet rich in saturated fat.

It's common at French restaurants where they give you butter to put on your pizza crust or mayo for your fries!

Combined with the high rates of smokers and the lack of structured exercise, they are envious of peanuts everywhere because they seem to have their cakes and eat them too ...

So after a recent trip to Quebec, it made me think that maybe HOW do we eat just as much as what we eat?

Here's what I think the French do well for their health and longevity when it seems like everything they do is wrong ...

1. Red wine and Resveratrol

The French love their wine, and not just after dinner. Morning, evening, and night, they drank alcohol on their sheep that flooded their bodies by extending resveratrol, heart healthy flavonoids and cancer polyphenols. In addition, research continues to show that moderate drinkers are less likely to develop heart attacks than non-drinkers or heavy drinkers.

2. Chew your Chow

Although there are plenty of fast food drivers available for France, you won't see many cars lined up in the window during the day. This is because the French do not snack between meals and when they do eat, they take the time to chew their chow. They don't do "dashboards", they taste their food with a bite, not the cause.

3. Petite section

The key to small French is their small size. It's not necessarily what you eat but how much you eat. You will still experience more than the usual portion of many "Americanized" restaurant chains but they also do not need to eat everything that is piled up on their plate just because it is there, they eat it until they are dissatisfied until their belt becomes busting .

4. Fresh First

Whether it was a farmers market or a fishing market, the French knew it. We should all know where our food comes from and eat locally when possible. This beach town is famous for their fresh seafood. Many restaurants are located right in front of the water where the catch of the day is just a walk away. Special lunches are Crab and Salmon Clubhouse Sandwich Clubhouse ... Perfect.

5. Food and Family

It clearly only runs around local supermarkets that France prefers in terms of quantity when it comes to what they put in their mouths. They don't fill their cars with TV dinners because they eat REAL food and don't eat in front of the TV. They celebrate food by cooking and eating with family and friends. What a concept!

6. Walk No Wait

The French prefer walking, rather than waiting for the elevator or the metro. They are not known as gym rats but they do take the gym out of the house for a lot of walking and biking. The first thing I noticed on my way to a hotel in Quebec was the well-designed recreational trails and city streets that were paved, painted and flooded with runners and riders. We also took advantage of the many railroads and parks and sought to lift it, see the city and burn some good French cuisine.

So maybe the French Paradox isn't so secret after all ...

Maybe we can learn something from healthy habits in French culture by not focusing on the single nutrients in our diet like protein, carbohydrates or fats but instead focusing on Eating, eating and enjoying fresh food with family and friends ...

Now it speaks my language!


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