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The 4 Deadly Mistakes of Wife Seduction

When a man is repeatedly denied (during the appeals process) in his relationship with his wife (or girlfriend) he often tries to make amends. You will learn about 4 people who made a fatal mistake when trying to fix a problem with their partner "not in the mood".

Deadly Wife Seduction Error # 1

Try to learn how to be a great lover. I'm referring to being better in bed. This may surprise you, but I'll explain. Here's what the guy thinks:

Wrong approach: He thinks that if he gets better in bed, his wife will want to come back for more.

This is why the thought is flawed. The man thinks if he puts on a world-class performance he will want it all the time. No matter how good you are in bed if you are a bad sex seller she will not buy your offer. There is the same thing as bad sales. Poor salespeople can't sell 50-dollar bills.

Believe me, I've seen a poor salesperson in action. And in many cases they will talk about sales. They finally convinced people not to buy. Remember this: SEX is a product and Restore (or word I like to use SEKSUALLY INSPIRE) is the process of selling a product. I'll give you another example.

I can think of eating meat cheeseburger from certain fast food restaurants. I know it tastes great because I've done it before, but I'm not inspired to eat it.

But when I saw the commercial (which teased me), I suddenly had a strong desire to own it - and as a result I would jump in my car and drive there to get it.

So, it doesn't really matter if they keep trying to make the burgers better and better and better. So that's the mistake man made. They try to fix the product (ie sex or burgers), but NOT the sales process.

If you have little sexual value, it can be quite difficult to get her to agree to have sex.

But what you do is technically not important.

If a woman can feel it from one mindset, then that means the mental part of something is very important.

Have you ever married a woman and she suddenly began to orgasm? I remember being alone with a woman and things were getting hotter and steamy. We still have our clothes on. I started rubbing it while kissing it. I stopped kissing her and just focused on rubbing her - within seconds she started orgasm.

If you're a real woman, this can happen. It depends on the woman and what your sexual values ​​are. What I mean is that it is not a fact that he is being rubbed which causes him to get angry. It is a fact that he was being raped by someone of sexual value.

So when men try to learn how to be better in bed, they don't consider the most important part - and that enhances their sexual value.

Proper approach:

1 You must increase your sexual value

2 You should focus on selling (appealing) rather than improving products (getting better at sex)

Deadly Wife Seduction Error # 2

Wrong approach: Focus on how you approach it. This is why the thought is flawed.

The man thought he needed to approach her in a certain way and then he would accept it. He's partially right. But the fact that he is focusing all his mental energy on finding out the right approach rather than trying to increase his sexual value makes him completely wrong.

If you have little sexual value, no matter how you approach him. It's like saying:

What do 900lb women need to do to get you in the mood?

If he doesn't have sex with you, then the answer is nothing. Imagine if you saw him hesitate to approach you for sex. That's actually a perfect analogy because men are more physically active and women are more physically active.

Don't you agree that his acceptance rate to increase his sexual value needs to increase. (ie losing weight or something).

Proper approach:

1 You must increase your sexual value.

Deadly Wife Seduction Error # 3

Wrong approach: Trying to give pills / herbs to make them horny. This is why the thought is flawed.

You can read a similar analogy at (scroll down to the first Yellow Box)

If you have no sexual value then it doesn't matter if the pill managed to get him horny. This can actually work against you in some cases. This is the case, if he gets horny and you have no sexual value, then he would rather masturbate than have sex with you.

And the reason why he can act against you in the long run is because if he is always in a horny situation then the men who have sexual value in his eyes are the ones who will become more attractive - over time.

Does that make sense?

Let's say we live in a world where pigs can talk and interact with you, but they still have the pig's sexual value.

By the way: This analogy has been nominated for the Bizarre Analogy Award. (that's a joke)

Let's say this pig gives you (in secret or secretly) 2 HERBAL-X ROCK HARD pills. This pill has 90000 mg of Yohimbe and 90000 mg of Ginseng, and any ingredient you can think of has 90000 mg (and your magic does not explode!) .. within seconds your members are in the air! (about 5 degrees from your stomach).

Do you blow a pig if you become super excited? The answer is no. (Right?)

Pigs have no sexual value. Therefore, for you to mess with a pig, it needs to increase its sexual value. It may be necessary to put on some socks (or spill the gut).

Proper approach:

1 You must increase your sexual value.

Dead Wife Seduction Error # 4

Wrong approach: Ask her to explain why she's not in the mood? This is why the thought is flawed.

The man thinks his wife will tell him why he is not interested (again). And then all he has to do is change, and then presto!

The problem is he doesn't know. She knows what she is consciously attracted to (i.e a good man who does good things - i.e her husband or a man he likes) but she does not know what he does not know.

(By the way - Any guy who has read knows what I mean.When you read that, you will ask me to take that site away so that others do not use the secret system)

The mechanism that inspires tranquility is unfamiliar to him.

He didn't know what was moving him so deeply. For example. If you ask someone who just gave up on a diet why he is no longer on the diet, he will not give you the exact answer.

However, he will give you a false answer (surface - or whatever he thinks) and he may believe this is the truth but that is not the truth.

It's fake.

The surface answer is that the diet failed, or it was a stupid diet - something like that. But the real (deep) reason is that he probably never believed he could succeed in the first place.

He probably has no hope. He may need to increase his will power. He may not be serious about solving the problem.

Proper approach:

You must increase your sexual value. He answered unconsciously about things he did not know.

With joy,

CR James

Author of Super Sex Power: Magnetism

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