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Test Your Pizza Knowledge - A Fun Fact Quiz With A Few Surprises

How much do you know about pizza, one of America's favorite foods? Where does it come from and how much do we eat? Here's a quiz to test your knowledge, and it has some fun facts you might not know!

Where did pizza come from? If you say "Italy," you're wrong! The birth of this world-beloved food is none other than Egypt. In ancient times, they used to put herbs and sauces on pieces of bread and burn them on a heated stone. The idea moved to Greece and eventually settled in Italy.

Is it a traditional Italian pizza? Well, the truth here is that it has only been Italian food since the 1600s. In fact, Europe had no tomatoes before that. Tomatoes are brought back from the "New World", which means Italian cuisine as we know it did not exist before that time.

How does this dish appeal to the United States? Before we can answer that, here's a quick hint: Hitler and Mussolini have something to do with it. American troops stationed in Italy came back to talk about this delicious pie with cheese, tomato sauce and pepperoni on it, and that's when it all started.

How many pizza places are there in the US? We can give you a rough amount, but this is a better way to give you an idea - Almost 1/5 of all restaurants in the United States are pizza. It's almost 20%! Suffice it to say that it is more than a $ 30 billion dollar industry. Americans eat about one acre of pizza every day.

On what day is the most eaten pizza in the United States? Let me give you a hint: today is when people gather to eat, drink and engage in primal celebrations that celebrate our primitive warlike instincts - the Super Bowl. Super Bowl Day ranks as the # 1 pie in the country. Other popular events include New Year's Eve, Halloween and evenings before Thanksgiving (the day itself is reserved for turkeys!).

For delivery, better tippers - men or women? This is something that every delivery person may already know, but it may be news to you that women are a better clip. Come on guys, cough a little longer!

What are the most popular and less popular toppings? You can probably guess the least - anchovies. Somehow, fish slices just don't mix with cheese and tomato sauce. The most popular is pepperoni. With all the new toppings coming out all the time, this classic is still ranked # 1.

What is a popular topping in Japan? I can say this is a burning question in your mind. Here's a list of some of the unique toppings in the Land of the Rising Sun - octopus, shrimp, squid, crab, seaweed, mayonnaise, potatoes, asparagus and corn. That's just to name a few.


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