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Super Lutein

Super Lutein is a health supplement developed in Japan, and is now available in the United States. It has been the number one selling health food in Japan for the past 17 years. Eastern medicine is based on prevention, long-term health, unlike Western medical philosophy waiting until it's too late. Lutein is extracted from marigold flowers in a process patented by Dr. Frederick Khachik, Ph.D. Super Lutein is a dietary supplement designed for eyes and overall health. It is manufactured to strict pharmaceutical grade levels, meeting ISO9001 and ISO22000 quality control standards. ISO9001 meets the requirements of a quality management system. The ISO22000 certification sets out the overall guidelines for food safety management.

It is a supplement approved by the Japanese Adult Disease Prevention Association (JADPA). There are 6600 doctors in this association. For products that qualify for JADPA, it must meet three requirements.

"A person must test the product for six months to ensure no harmful side effects."

"A man tested the product for another six months to determine if the product would do what the manufacturer claimed it would do. Most products failed at this point."

"The product is being reviewed by the Board of Directors, and decisions are made after careful investigation as to whether or not to support the product."

Over the past 20 years, more than 20,000 products have been submitted for inspection, and only 20 are recommended, Super Lutein being one of them. An online search of Super Lutein, will reveal many testimonials, and the science behind the product's effectiveness can be found. Protecting our eyes is more important in today's high tech world. Ultraviolet radiation, and blue glare from televisions, computers, and smartphones screens ruin our vision over time. Lutein is known to nourish the eyes and can improve vision. Super Lutein goes beyond just focusing on eye health.

It's called Super Lutein, because it's not just lutein-based. It also uses carotenoids, which are pigments found in nature, which have strong anti-oxidant properties.

The carotenoids that make up Super Lutein are:

Lutein (for eyes, brain, and colon health)

Alpha-carotene (for skin, mucous membranes, and lung health)

Beta-carotene (for heart, bone and pancreas health)

Lycopene (for liver, kidney, and prostate health)

Zeaxanthin (for eyes, skin, and blood vessels)

Super Lutein utilizes all natural ingredients produced for pharmaceutical grade levels. In a health-conscious world, there is a high demand for raw, unprocessed, natural ingredients in health supplements. Many books and articles have been written about natural Superfood that can improve your health and quality of life. With today's technology and manufacturing processes, we can live healthier and higher quality lives.


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