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Skipping Breakfast For Six Pack Abs

Going out to breakfast is a priority for many people who are trying to shed fat from their middle. Skipping meals in an effort to get six packs of abs will not work. You need to put food in your body as soon as you wake up if you want your body to burn fat.

To see your abs your body depends on your metabolic rate as quickly as possible. When you start to lose food (especially your breakfast), your metabolism slows down. Not only will it slow down, but your body will start to lose fat because you are not eating enough to survive.

While your body stores fat, it starts to nourish your muscles so that your body burns less calories when you are hungry. So this means that you are going to make your abs look less than flat, hip.

To kick your metabolic rate into gear, you must eat your breakfast within an hour of waking up. Your muscles need this fuel so they don't start to waste, causing your metabolism to slow down.

Avoiding food is the fastest way to reverse the progress you have made in your search for a set of six pack abs. You should eat as soon as you wake up in the morning, and then you should eat 5 small meals during the day so that your metabolism stays fast, and your body does not start to store fat.

When you go too long without eating your body you will go into starvation mode, and then save all the calories you eat as fat.


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