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Six Pack Abs Boot Camp

Since today you can actually show off a set of six pack abs, so what's stopping you?

The biggest roadblock?

Most people start using the best or bad plans, with no plans at all.

Random exercises or diets will not work.

You need a boot camp mentality, at least for the early stages of your abs program.

If you want great results, you need to know the facts about how your muscles actually get their definitions.

More Diets - Less Exercise

Most people end up with a wrong diet mix and exercise puts more emphasis on direct training.

It is important to understand that a combination of 80% diet and 20% live training will be all you need to get the six pack of abs you want. You may be working too hard, focusing on your immediate routine, not realizing that the biggest change will come from adjusting your diet.

So for starters, your six pack pack requires you to repair your diet from scratch. Knowing what to eat and what not to eat is so critical that your program needs special foods to avoid and certain foods are ok.

For example, examples of foods that should be avoided would be white flour or something made with white flour.

Some of the food groups you want to emphasize are high protein and high fiber foods.

Did you know that reaching a lean abdominal muscle can take several weeks?

Also, once you practice your diet, you will lose fat and the specific abs exercises you do will be very effective.

Remember ANY extra fat around the waist and stomach will hide any six-pack marks to know the process: (80%) Nutrition enhanced by targeting specific fat burning foods, (20%) targeted directly.

You can show off the perfect six pack abs before summer if you start soon.

If you would like a great guide on how this works:


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