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Roadmap to Getting Your Perfect Abs

1. MORE ABOUT SHORTCUTS - In the era of instant gratification, many are fascinated by the idea of ​​getting FAST abs and they want it NOW. Unfortunately, the microwave method for obtaining these abs cannot be maintained. While adding a muscle or protein shake can speed up the process, taking these supplements cannot end in itself and they cannot replace hard and dedicated exercises.

2. MORE FATS FIRST - The most common mistake many make when they are desperate for seat abs is to rush straight into abs training. Just as our fat cells are closer to our skin than our muscles, daily abs training hours without fat burning exercises will not produce results. Take out fat and abs will show itself.

Good cardio exercises include walking, swimming or cycling. Make sure that you work at 70-75% of your max HR for at least 30mins sessions.

3. ENSURE REMOVED - Having a disciplined diet is the impetus in answering the question 'how to get abs'. While regular abs and cardio exercises are like trains, good eating plans serve as a train to get you to your destination.

No amount of abs training will do the job if your daily calorie intake is higher than what you can burn. A good rule of thumb is to eat more food but smaller.

The reason is simple: Our body can only swallow and absorb a certain amount of food every few hours. The excess is stored only as fat. In addition to breaking down food, cutting off abs killers like fast food, sweet drinks and snacks is just as important.

Finally, building abs takes time, dedication and discipline. Those who already have their perfect abs will not fail to testify to how difficult it is to maintain their abs. What you get after weeks and months of training can be lost in just a few days if you don't have a fitness routine.


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