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Portion Control: Friend or Foe?

My name is Adam Gonzalez. I am very excited; this is my second article that was submitted to EzineArticles! I am so grateful to have this opportunity to share my story with you. For my first article, I emphasized how difficult it is to diet and train a marathon. For those who haven't read my first article, what's wrong with you !? Just kidding! This time I want to talk about my experience with section control.

For the record, I am not a doctor, a dietitian or a nutritionist. Everything I write about this article is based on my own personal experience. If you have a bad eating habits, join the club. However, it does not take much discipline to make changes. Your waistline won't show it at first, but I guarantee your thinking will change.

Whatever topic I write about, I will always use myself as an example. I understand that certain diets work for some people and not for others. I tried different diets and succeeded with most of them, until I was bored. When that happens, it's so easy to cheat! Double cheeseburger here, cheese fries there, and before you know it it's goodbye!

Okay, enough about the diet. I wrote about section control. As I said, I'll use myself as an example. Ten years ago, I weighed 270 pounds; well I was at £ 270, before I stopped weighing myself. This is what my daily eating routine looks like. For breakfast, I had two burgers, fries and shakes. Lunch, I ate whole pizza. Dinner, pizza is enough to hold me for the whole day, so I'll just focus on dessert. Of course, regardless of candy sticks, potato chips and soda, I would eat between meals. So now, let's talk about how I can lose weight and eat the things I love, using portion control!

First and foremost, I realize that eating is not a disease. If I had a bad day, a triple cheeseburger would always entertain me. But, I know this is not what I want to rely on. I know that diet also comes out of the picture. I made an attempt to cut off the food I put into my body. I started with breakfast. My special breakfast was two burgers, fries and shakes. I ordered one burger, fries, and shakes. Lunch, dinner and snacks remain the same. After the first week, it's time to change breakfast again. I ordered burgers, fries and diet soda; I can eliminate the shake! Shortly thereafter, I took fried potatoes out of the equation and it was just a larger burger and diet soda. My belt still uses the extra notches I made, but I'm very proud of this small achievement. After a month, I lost 5 pounds! Lunch is on deck!

A normal lunch for me is a simple junk pizza. It's enough food that I can finish one at a time without hurting my stomach. I started thinking of ways to keep myself from eating whole pizza. Before I sit down, I drink two glasses of water, then I add some hot sauce to the pizza. For those who don't know, I'm not a fan of hot sauce. It really worked, the water helped fill me up a bit and the hot sauce gave the pizza a great flavor, so I didn't do as much! It only took a week before I started using hot sauce, but back then, I had no desire to eat whole pizza! After another month, with my breakfast and lunch changes, I dropped 14 pounds!

All the snacks I ate during the day, I just got bored at my desk. I was told that peanuts and almonds are a great snack and healthy to eat instead of snacks. Who am I kidding? I'll only eat beans and almonds if they're covered in chocolate. Without chocolate and salt, it took me a while to come. Cake, so far is my number one dessert. It doesn't matter what kind of cake it is, just hand it over, man! To gain control of the part, I had to be creative. I cut a small piece for myself, then drenched whip cream. Whip cream has fewer calories than cake. And I chased her with a cup of milk. So I'm glad I got it! After another month, I lost 14 more pounds!

Everything started to click with my new calorie intake. I can continue to modify my diet and still eat the food I love. And again, I started running and exercising more and more weight started coming out! For the first time in my life, I was so happy! I've achieved something I didn't think was possible. I fight food and I win! We all face our own problems in life, but all we need is a little motivation and inspiration to make better changes. And I hope you find some in this article!


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