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New Blue Zone Challenge - 21 Things You Can Do Today to Live Healthier & Longer

It is nothing new for us in life to find the best anti-aging, nutrition and personal development products and services. We've been doing this for years. Nutrition supplements, anti-aging products and weight loss products alone account for billions of dollars in annual sales.

But what if it didn't burden us and we could save our money to get the same proven results of those who went before us, what would it take? Can we change our habits and ways of living now to achieve this great result of not only living longer but healthier lives? Are we able to make the necessary changes?

Recently Dr. Oz, a medical doctor who regularly appears on Oprah's show primarily focuses on health and wellness, travels to 4 separate regions of the world to find out why these people live longer, and physically and mentally stronger than normal people.

Four locations called the Blue Zone are located in Costa Rica, Sardinia, Okinawa, Japan and yes — even in the United States, Loma Linda, California. What's interesting is that these people, not only live in the past 100 and 107, they are also healthy, active, and mentally fit.

The information learned is surprisingly similar to most of the information we receive today on good nutrition. This is great for giving us the ability to make the necessary changes if we want. All combined, each region is the same with only a few differences. Loma Linda, CA region is really vegan - no eggs, no milk, no cheese. For others, the area is very similar in diet and lifestyle.

Pair this information with a recent scientific study of anti-aging on a low calorie restriction diet that includes unprocessed foods, very little meat, and lots of fruits and vegetables that seem to be shaping up. Doctors report that in some cases these individuals who have been in the program for more than 10 years can live to be the first to live up to 150 years based on their current physical appearance.

Do you think this is possible? His early writings seem to suggest that he may have reported the ages of 600, 700 and 900 years before his death.

For those of you who are active in personal development here is a list of 21 things in the region. People live this way every day or every day. Long-term is what they say and, also, make a point to say if you won't do it for the long term you don't have to bother starting.

1. Exercise or stay physically active in some form or other
2. Have a real plan when you retire (better not retire!)
3. Get 15 minutes of natural sunlight to get the right level of Vitamin D
4. Ensure proper calcium intake.
5. Eat lots of broccoli, eggs and cheese
6. Make sure you have plenty of Omega 3 in your diet.
7. Red wine - for Retinol (but it is said that 2 oz hard or 2 glasses of wine daily will do the same.)
8. Drink Goat Milk (For your bones and heart.) It tastes like normal milk. Fat in goat's milk is easier for the body to break.)
9. Whole Wheat Bread
10. Meat is a side dish and not a main dish. (Vegan Food in California)
11. Big breakfast, lunch and smaller dinner. (Dinner at breakfast and breakfast at dinner!)
12. Don't smoke
13. No Food Processed
14. Less meat more nuts.
15. Stop eating when you are 80% full.
16. Eat Beans - many of them. (High antioxidants)
17. Laugh and develop a sense of humor.
18. Make sure you have a strong social network - build strong family bonds.
19. Spend time with like-minded friends.
20. Always have something to do and work with a sense of purpose.
21. Do Yoga, meditate, develop a strong spiritual foundation, live in gratitude.

So there is. The list is reported for us to stay strong in mind, body, soul to live an active and healthy 100+ years.


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