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Natural Skin Care - Why You Should Avoid Cosmetics and Beauty Products That Contain Petrochemicals

Petrochemicals come from the petroleum industry and it's best to avoid potentially harmful substances in your health and beauty regime for the reasons outlined below.

Some of the petrochemicals used in health and beauty products include benzene, isopropyl alcohol, ethanol and propylene glycol. These chemicals can cause skin irritation, and propylene glycol in particular can cause dermatitis.

Ethanol is usually used to dilute liquids, or as a solvent in fats and oils. These petrochemicals allow fluids to flow more easily, but when used in combination with nitrates, they may be carcinogenic.

Isopropyl alcohol is found in many hair color products, body lotions and perfumes in particular, but its use is also common in anti-freeze, giving you an idea of ​​how unhealthy it is. It can cause headaches and nausea. It also affects your skin by making it dry and age faster than others.

Phtalates are used in eyelashes, lipsticks and nail varnishes, to make them durable and flexible. These may not be listed on your label, as they can be hidden under the term "perfume." This chemical has been shown to be associated with decreased fertility.

DEA and TEA are alcohol derivatives used as washing and emulsifying agents. They are used in lotions to soften the skin, as emollients, and as humectants in other products for personal care. The problem is that when they are combined with substances that act as nitrosating agents, they have been proven to cause cancer in laboratory animals.

Mineral oils are found in products such as body oils and baths, and baby oils. But it comes from crude oil, and while it can leave your skin initially smooth, it actually impedes your skin's ability to breathe, and it imparts toxins on your skin. This can aggravate existing skin problems such as eczema.

Sodium lauryl sulphate, also known as SLS, is actually a detergent used as a forming agent and used in shampoo, shower gel, bubble bath and toothpaste. This is a product that can cause irritation to your skin, eyes and scalp.

The best way to avoid these agents in your health and beauty products is to read the labels carefully and select products that do not contain these ingredients. Buying organic and natural beauty products will help you limit your skin's exposure to petrochemicals. However, keep in mind that not all natural and organic beauty products are the same. Items with 10% can advertise themselves as natural or organic, so choosing those with organic certification will give you peace of mind.


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