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Low Fat Recipe For Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich

Sandwich Ice Cream Chocolate Mock

When watching your weight, try not to take full comfort food. Stay away from your favorite foods or sweets that may cause you to partake when you finally give in. Instead, enjoy one of these guilt-free fun. If you prefer not to have chocolate ice cream sandwiches, substitute chocolate brown grubs with regular grams, honey grams or cinnamon sugar granules. Graham cinnamon sugar makes sandwiches really interesting, though they do make calories and maybe a little pointy! This is very low if you follow a diet with a colon system; find or ask your counselor to calculate the actual amount.


* 1 box of chocolate chips, diluted in the refrigerator, if frozen

* 1 large tab of low fat, fat-free or sugar free toppings (any taste required)

* 3 teaspoons of sugar flour (optional)

* Free chocolate brown sugar or instant fat free fat (optional)


1. On a piece of parchment paper up to 10 grams.

2. Spread 3 Tablespoons on top of crackers.

3. Top each with other graham crackers.

4. Place ten sandwiches in the freezer on a sheet of parchment paper until frozen, then place them in a paper bag with paper between them.

5. While they are frozen on the cookie sheet, repeat with the next batch of crackers and toppings until done.

For the chocolate filling, add a low fat or low fat free chocolate drink powder until the desired chocolate flavor is achieved.

To add sweetness, the top of the sandwich is done, before freezing with cocoa, powdered sugar or sugar substitutes.


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