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It Was Agony Ivy!

If you are old enough to remember this catch phrase from Mrs. Hoskins, a character in the British post-radio comedy "Ray 'sa Laugh", who roughly complains of her health, then you may be old enough to suffer from time to time. .

It may be knee pain, or arthritis fingers, back pain or just general acne. Pain is not a joke, but a good attitude actually helps keep the pain in perspective. Taking a positive attitude includes working out how to help yourself. Of course, you should consult a doctor and seek professional advice. But doctors are often busy giving you all the background information on supplements and diets and other useful things - that's when they know about them.

Diet and exercise can work wonders to relieve pain. Alternative therapies and nutritional supplements, and careful research to sort out the nonsense that really helps can mean that you are looking for ways to alleviate your pain that are not known to your doctor.

A few years ago, my father in law went to his doctor about a constant pain in his shoulder. The doctor actually told her that she was part of the aging process (she was fifty years old at the time) and that she had to take painkillers for the rest of her life. Not ready to accept this, my father in law decided, against all his skeptical instincts as a scientist, to go to an alternative therapist. Three sessions later, there was no more pain, no need for pain killers, and eighteen years later, there was no more pain.

Massage for the elderly is another area where great comfort and pain are provided. Also, the touch is very good for people who may not have had close contact in years. Neutrality but the benefits of massage have incredible healing benefits despite the pain relief that can be achieved as muscles and tendons are slowly brought back to coordinate alignment.

So take an active interest in overcoming pain, keep smiles on your face, get alternative therapy treatments like massage or even hypnotherapy. Maybe even hear some episodes of "Ray's a Laugh" and wonder how we can make them look funny! But I'm sure you'll agree.


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