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Israeli Army Diet Reviews - Is This a Healthy Diet Plan?

The Israeli Army Diet is a low calorie diet that was popular in the late 1970s but is still used by some today. No one knows exactly where this weight loss program got its name because it has nothing to do with the Israeli Army. Because this diet is not book-based and lacks a recognized creator, it is difficult to trace its origin. However, the important thing is whether this diet really works and whether it's healthy.

Israeli Army Diet Study

This is an 8-day diet with a very simple and strict menu:

  1. Day One - Two: Apple (black tea / coffee allowed)

  2. Day Three - Four: Cheese (tea / black coffee allowed)

  3. Day Five - Six: Chicken (black tea / coffee allowed)

  4. Day Seven - Eight: Salad (tea / black coffee allowed)

As you can see, in all 4 phases you can eat one food item for 2 days straight. This means that this is not an easy diet to follow and requires a lot of power. However, after this diet can lead to a great weight loss as it is very low in calories. Of course, this can be a lot of water, but if you have an upcoming event, it can help you shed a few pounds faster.

Because this is a low calorie diet, it is not healthy to follow the Israeli Army Diet for a long time. Even eating on this diet for 8 days can lead to feelings of fatigue, extreme hunger, and misery due to low calories. However, deficiencies like these can lead to rapid weight loss.

If you want to use the Israeli Armed Forces Diet, I recommend doing it in the short term and ready to transition to a more balanced diet and exercise program.


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