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Is Your Slow Metabolism Making You Fat? The Metabolism Diet Secrets Revealed

Slow metabolism can wreak havoc on most diet plans. I know. I've been there and told me it's not fun to diet and lose a few pounds and then get it back almost overnight.

But, I'll tell you the secret of metabolism and how I bring my metabolism under control and so do you! If I bring my metabolism under control then you can do it too.

And get this - so many people believe that weight loss is just based on what you eat. That's true in many ways but it's not just about low calorie foods.

So, this is good news for you and me - especially since we both want to lose weight and turn it off for good.

I want you to think about it. Do you find yourself having a very strong desire for carbohydrates? When you gain weight, mostly around your middle or hips? When you wake up after a good night's sleep do you find that you are still tired? When you eat good food do you find yourself hungry just a few hours later?

Recent research shows that almost 50% of all foods may have what is known as "metabolism B." Are you one of them? If you are born with this syndrome, you may have risk factors that contribute to high blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. Your body reacts to carbohydrates that send your pancreas into a frenzy of vomiting for way too much insulin. Excessive insulin then packs a way for more sugar into your fat cells leaving less for fuel for your body. Then start craving that you can get more carbohydrates and the vicious cycle begins.

The way is to learn how to retrain your pancreas by having a metabolic diet. Dieters on this special diet have been known to lose 30 pounds in 60 days without all the hype, pills and misery of conventional diets.

My last piece of advice? If you are a B metabolist, this diet is guaranteed to work! How cool is that?


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