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Is Ultra-Pure Collagen The Best Way to Counter The Signs of Aging?

Collagen pills and beverages can help people lose weight, due to collagen. However, lately, supplements have been promoting ultra-pure collagen as a way to improve the appearance of the skin and counteract the signs of aging. There may be some merit to their theory, but there is more research supporting the use of nutritious creams.

Not collagen cream, because the protein fragments are too big and the cells don't eat them, because the protein is inactive. Researchers have recently been able to find natural proteins that can be processed for use in creams, without making them inactive.

This protein is present in sheep's hair and manufacturers call it Keratin functional. It is now available in a range of skin care products and will soon be available in supplements that promote joint health, as keratin is a healthy component of joints, as well as healthy skin.

Currently, collagen diet capsules may or may not improve the appearance of the skin. Once they hit the digestive system, they are broken down into amino acids glycerin, proline and its derivatives. Nothing is usually important for the human diet, as the body can synthesize it from other amino acids.

Other amino acids must be consumed through the diet, as the body cannot produce them. Therefore, instead of ultra-pure collagen supplements, I would recommend supplements containing several amino acids, including arginine, methionine and tyrosine. You should also make sure that you get plenty of vitamin C every day, as it is also needed for the body to form collagen.

Supplements are always a good idea, as it is impossible to get all the nutrients you need daily from food alone. But, does anyone really need an ultra-pure collagen pill? It really depends on your goals.

As I mentioned earlier, a collagen diet drink may help reduce appetite. "Type II" ultra-pure collagen supplements may increase mobility and flexibility, as they are the type of cartilage in the cartilage and we do not use them often.

You see, there are 24 different collagen in the human body. Type I, III, VII and XXIX are found in the skin. As you can see, type II does not. Some manufacturers do not disclose the type they include in their product, but many collagen diet pills contain type II.

Initially, these supplements were promoted to increase protein intake, without increasing calorie intake. They are very popular with body builders. Finally, ultra-pure collagen is promoted as a dietary supplement, for the reasons I mentioned above.

And, of course, right now, it's being promoted as a reduction in wrinkles. With prices often exceeding $ 100 per bottle; I think there is a better way to spend your money.

Find creams that contain Keratin functioning. Eat properly and take a variety of good vitamins, packed with amino acids. The best ones cost less than $ 50 per bottle. If you need to lose weight, you can try a collagen diet, but for wrinkles, there is a better solution.


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