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Is My Penis Too Small? The "Size Quiz" That Every Man Ought to Take at Least Once (Even YOU!)

Is my penis too small? Am I anatomically challenging in a way most men don't? What is SHE thinking during sex? Am I big enough to be sexually satisfied ... or do I have the size, and lack of sex to hold me back? And do ALL male enhancement products really work? If so ... how is it, and which one is the best?

Are any of these questions familiar? In fact, if you're like millions of people who are aware of our size, it's not just about our anatomy coming up regularly in quiet conversations, in media and jokes and punchlines everywhere we look. .. there really is no good way to think what is normal, or not.

For example?

Did you know that in Canada, a few years ago ... a study was commissioned by a group of Urologists to determine what men think about our size relative to our peers. Men who come up with issues of sexual dysfunction (running the gamut from premature ejaculation, to the ED, to issues of emotional deprivation during sex) are asked how they feel about their size and body.

Over 85% of men feel "too small" to please their partner ... or, at least, feel less average than their peers.

The ironic part of the survey was that of men who came for Phalloplasty (magnification enlargement) consultations with almost ALL men in the group, on average, or slightly above average.

In fact, after writing thousands of articles that millions of men have read over the years, we can honestly say that SIZE and sex self-esteem are one of the biggest challenges that most of us face throughout our lives.

Want a real secret to sex sensation?

We'd better feel our bodies, and we'd better be in bed!

Let's take a look at these 7 simple quiz questions that you can ask yourself right now for the best "shape"!

1 - Do you feel anxious or too young to satisfy your spouse sexually? If so ... is this based on an unsatisfactory set of sexual experiences, or is it just your self-esteem?

2 - Have you ever had your TELL partner verbally that you weren't big enough to please them?

3 - Do you find yourself thinking about your PREVIOUS sexual partner? Have you ever asked how you rate or focus on them from the perspective of size or anatomy?

4 - Do you find yourself looking for information on the average penis size, or comparing yourself to the standard you see described online? Do you look at pictures to see how you rate or rate other people?

5 - Have you ever spent money on penis enlargement pills, products, or sexual enhancement strategies that have sounded too good to be true ... simply because you feel the need to "improve" with what you consider to be normal or normal?

6 - Do you feel embarrassed in a public place where nudity can be the norm? (The dressing room of the gym is the most obvious for US-based men, but depending on where you live and your culture, many of our readers have reported this experience as normal)

7 - Lastly, have you ever avoided sex, or avoided intimacy because of low self-esteem? Is your fear of being too small or insufficient in anatomy to affect your life in other ways?

In fact, regardless of your answers above, know that you are NOT alone, and there are lots of easy ways to increase both size, self-esteem and sexual performance through exercise, diet and overall healthy lifestyle to boot!


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