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Instead Of The Streak, The Wink

There is everything scary about naked men winking with "belly fat" or "beer belly", especially in front of women who don't want that man. I realized this at the gym when the Bally Gymnasium Company existed. I don't go around in person, but I do know a guy who doesn't do "perfect washing" or toned stomachs, if you know what I mean.

No one is perfect, sometimes unacceptable. But as Ray Stevens once said, "everything is beautiful in its own right." It's a funny thing, but wink is more scary than a nude doodle sometimes, though the implications of a nude doodle have foreign implications.

What do you feel when life seems to deny you a wink? I know what I feel, I don't feel like settling down, I feel full of action and anger as a charging cow, just more patient and calm. To me, naked anger is the worst way to respond to any situation. If it's the best way, we will get what we want negative and get rid of it. It doesn't work that way. When winks are alive, we must be cool and act the most.

True fraud comes when you are too angry to pause, and it comes from within, not from without.

I remember how many times I realized this and how life and existence were at their best when I was cold, grateful for my lessons and appreciation. I am a bit itchy in full Armani suit and not "birthday suit" in that sense. Being cold instead of angry? Yes, yes.

Recently, I was talking to my mom on the phone, and this was a few days ago. Sometimes he "complains about my mistakes". I see everything as teaching me to be disciplined and morally upright. That's it is where I roam the life and quietly live better than I am without any education because if I can take the complaints of those who really love me, I can take anything.

I'm thinking of Ray Charles's song "Night and Day" / Marvin Gaye, right now. What other "funny" things can I include in this article besides my encouragement to build a better rat trap and the world will hit your door? Not too much. But I will say this, be the winner within yourself and everything else will be added outside.


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