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Ill Effects of Sexualization of Children

Kids grow up too fast. They thrive on the toxic environment of consumerism, media exposure and aggressive marketing. The cyber revolution offers free, non-verbal communication that sexually assaults and protests children at a young age. Body image and appearance are the main focus. Long before they understood what a sexual being was, sexual behavior was experienced.

Researchers in Britain claim that boys and girls reach puberty before they are 8 years old. Their findings indicate that 1 out of 6 girls are menstruating before they are 8. Fifty years ago I was in 100 girls to begin the period at that age. Boys are also 12 to 13 years old.

The resulting puberty has its dangers. Hormone rush during puberty can cause children to have sex at a young age. Teenage pregnancy is on the rise. The irony is that although they are physically capable, they are emotionally immature and incomplete to deal with the consequences of their behavior. 40% of 13 - 15 year olds are no longer virgins.

Websites for kids like encourage kids from all over the world to enjoy Bimboland. Here are pictures of steep-eyed girls, projected as stylish. You can make your own bimbo and become a fashion star. has an absorbing game where 230 pictures of topless girls can be matched to any of the 10,000 boobs in a game called "Assess my breasts."

In early January this year two new plastic surgery applications were released to the market. They are called "Plastic Surgery," "Plastic Doctor and Plastic Hospital Office for the Barbie version." The instructions said "This poor girl has extra weight that can't help her. At our clinic, she can undergo a surgery called liposuction that will make her slim and beautiful. Inhale more fat. on Twitter, the number of visitors to the site recorded its popularity.

"Girl's fun" or color coding of children's items is another way of portraying girls as pure, easy-going and eye-catching.

Hypertextual imagery in which the child is exposed and the availability of pornography make the child an adult. The loss of innocence is too early. They grow up with curved images and human sexuality. Linda Papadopaulos a psychologist called it "community pornography" because of the prominence of the sex industry.

A permissive family atmosphere is another reason why children are sexually exposed. Parents should be good role models and not avoid their responsibilities. A mother who dragged her 5 or 6 girls to a beauty salon for face treatments, lip paint, eyebrows and hairstyles encouraged children to believe that appearance was important. Mothers are also competing against each other to have the most beautiful and cheerful girls. There are times when children want to become doctors, nurses or teachers. Today, their goal is to become a fashion model or movie star.

Lack of supervision is a growing problem when both parents work. No one can monitor what they see on the internet or on TV or where their friends are. Parents can't control who they find in Face books or other social media, and what kind of interactions happen. Exposure to rampant pornography.

Parents on busy schedules buy themselves out of guilt by overstepping their boundaries. Too much pocket money or even using a credit card, is a way to spoil it. While girls go for trendy clothes and fashion accessories, boys buy expensive computer games, videos or gadgets. Kids love consumer tendencies. The brand's impact is so great that they want to dress like their favorite characters and only use the brand they promote. Girls want to drag and search like Miley Cyrus or Beyonce and boys want Sharook Khan or Brad Pitt monkeys. Their "brutality" - the ability to influence parents to buy what they love, increases.

Spread Effect:

1. Socialization. This can result in casual filming, posting sexy pictures online, experimenting with sex even if they have poor sexual knowledge.

2. Drugs and alcohol are part of their lifestyle, leading to irresponsible behavior and health hazards.

3. Unwanted pregnancy.

4. Get out of school

5. Social issues.

6. Anesthesia because of the desire to lose weight.

7. Teen crimes include rape by boys between 7 -12 years old.

8. Pedophilia victims.

9. Engage in acting in pornographic videos.

10. Anxiety and depression. She committed suicide many times.

How to protect your children:

• Provide a stable family environment. Children growing up in such homes develop self-esteem and social confidence. Basic rules and guidelines for behavior must be set i.e, When can a girl wear adult clothes and make-up? At what age is it allowed? There should be open communication between parents and children. Talking to them will encourage them to discuss their problems. Parents are also responsible for monitoring the use of computers, my pads, phones and solving suspicious activities.

• Sex education by both teachers and parents. Kids want to know. Teachers must be trained to communicate on sexually sensitive subjects. They should have the appropriate resources to teach the body image and well-being. Sex education should start as early as 7 - 8 years. Children need to be taught to focus on a healthy body instead of a beautiful body. The need for a healthy diet, hygiene habits, exercise and exceptional activities should be emphasized. Parents should not be ashamed to talk to their children about their bodies. They should pay attention to the questions they ask and provide honest answers. When children report disturbing events, they need to be investigated. He must be sure that you will stand before him against the sick. Kids should also be educated about the dangers of viewing porn, sexting, revealing too much personal information on the Net, or uploading too many pictures.

• Teaching children to recognize sexual abuse is important. They must know to distinguish between 'good touch'. and 'bad touch' and brave enough to defeat the last one. Both parents and teachers need to explain what is wrong and how to avoid it.

• Media should be its own rule.

• Mini-Miss matches must be banned. In September 2013, France voted to ban competition for girls under the age of 16, in an effort to stop child sexualization. "Don't let us allow our girls to believe that their values ​​are visible," said Chantal Jouanno, former sports minister in the government of Nicholas Sarkozy. "Don't let us allow commercial interests to take over social interests." Those who praised the rule were sentenced to two years in prison and a fine of 30,000 Euros.

• Heavy penalties for pedophiles and distributors.

• Politicians and Industrialists must also share the responsibility of making the world a safer place for our children.

All children need help and encouragement in learning to take responsibility for themselves. Self-respect, the ability to distinguish between good and bad, and ingenuity are what give them the confidence to grow up to be stable individuals in a destructive lifestyle.


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