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How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week - 8 Proven Tips That Helped Me to Lose 10 Pounds in One Week

I really need to lose weight for my wedding. I lost 13 pounds in the first week, and 10 pounds in the second. It's a short time to lose weight, and it's unhealthy, I know. However, the success of this fast weight loss was the beginning of my weight loss journey, and it motivated me to continue losing weight, following natural and healthy ways later on. I will share every step I take in the second week, which helps me lose 10 pounds in 7 days.

Keep in mind that fast weight gain is never healthy.

Here are the steps I followed after the first 7 days, losing 10 pounds in a week:

1) First, I have a day detox - to clean my body and lose weight faster. I provide lemon juice, ginger and honey mixed with water, and drink this detox drink during the day. Whenever I'm hungry, I just drink it. I feel good, as I always do, no cramps, no energy shortages, nothing. This is not difficult at all, and I believe it improves my weight loss decision. I know some people do all week detox, but this is not for me.

2) I limit the amount of food, because I really need to lose weight quickly. I have lots of vegetables, lean meats, fish, eggs, and fruits (mostly apples and oranges). My new rule is: half a plate should be vegetables (just try to avoid too much potatoes), ¼ plate - white meat or fish, and the rest can be fruit (no bananas because they are too sweet and juicy). I know that eating less is not always an option for losing weight. But it's definitely an option for fast weight loss, and that's my goal. An easier way to reduce the amount of food is to get smaller plates. However, eating less is hard enough, I admit. But I achieved my goal, and I'm very happy right now.

3) I added 2 apples of one can of black beans to my daily diet. I have peanuts as my main meal, or divide them into 2 smaller meals with vegetables on the side. This is a trick that is not known by diet. And it works wonders, because 35 grams of fiber in your daily diet really supercharges weight loss. This fiber cleans the digestive tract and improves digestion.

4) I started eating breakfast and stopped eating at night. 7pm is the last time I have dinner. Breakfast increases my metabolism and helps me burn calories faster, though I don't believe it can be very important for weight loss. It also makes me strong. I get at least 10 glasses of water during the day, and I still do - water cleanses, increases your metabolism, and doesn't let you feel hungry.

5) I distribute regular calorie intake during the day. I started eating 5 meals a day, with smaller meals. This way I don't have to be hungry.

6) I have fatty, sweet and unhealthy foods, and every time I feel like I have to eat something unhealthy, I move it to the first part of the day. Because metabolism is higher in the morning than at night, and this allows me to eat donuts or ice cream once daily.

7) Instead of drinking juice, I have fresh fruit every time. The juice is too sweet to lose weight, if you are thirsty, get a little water or green tea without sugar.

8) I stay motivated and busy all the time. I know that when you're busy, you don't have time to go to the kitchen. It works well.

The plan may sound too easy to lose 10 pounds a week - but follow this plan religiously, and you'll see the real results.


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