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How To Have Better Sexual Health By Eating The Right Foods

Not feeling well? Take the pill. Did you lose a few pounds? Take the pill. No energy? Take the pill. Depressed? Take the pill. Today's society is a pill society. Many studies have been done to show that if people are given a placebo (sugar pill) and say that it will improve their sex performance; the majority will say they are seeing an increase in their sexual performance. It has been proven that increasing libido, at least the most important part of it, comes from the mind. So now we wonder, how does food affect one's sexual and emotional health?

Soy can be used to suppress hot flashes of lightning, promote healthy prostates, and assist in vaginal lubrication. It adheres to estrogen receptors that maintain lubrication that requires vagina. This is a problem that also occurs during menopause. Chili pepper can increase your circulation and stimulate nerve endings. Ginger can do the same. As this improves, so does your sexual pleasure.

Because good blood flow is important for good erection foods for your heart will also be good for your penis. If your heart is not functioning properly there is a good chance that your penis will not respond as well as you would like. Because saturated fat clogs the artery, which in turn impedes blood flow, it also gives you reason to limit blood flow to your genital area. Yes, your body needs fat to make hormones, but it needs the right fat. Good oil comes from olive oil, seafood, and nuts. This good fat will help in the production of hormones that are important for sexual peak performance.

Foods that are said to have aphrodisiac properties are asparagus, bananas, eels, oysters, figs, and ginseng. The rhino horn is said to increase sexual appetite. The taste, texture, or appearance of this food is thought to enhance sex drive. There are some who believe that if you eat food that looks like a penis will make your penis strong and like the food you eat. The same goes for oysters or diagrams, which either smell or look like female vulva when stimulated. When one eats this food, they expect the vulva to be fat, smooth, and delicious.

Sweet or spicy foods are considered to put people in a relaxed mood and look ready to take on more fun.

Now the question remains, does this food myth work? No, not the way they are supposed to work. Food can't change the way your sex organs look. Food can be a great way to nurture your sex life though, so why not?

Drinking alcohol will relieve you emotionally and physically making you appear red. For a short time it will make you look red. Caffeine and sugar offer quick energy boost. These are short term effects but in reality, all you have to do is eat healthy fish and fresh vegetables to be the best physically and sexually at all times.

You can make part of your sexual experience by cooking with your girlfriend and feeding each other. Have a picnic in the middle of the floor, put food around you and let your imagination take over. I'm sorry. The Karma Sutra's recommends boiling ram or goat's testimony in sweet milk with eggs & rice and honey and honey for aphrodisiac.


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