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Natural Remedies For Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is very common in women especially menopause. It is estimated that almost half of these women suffer from vaginal dryness. It can be a very stressful experience for women and can also reduce sexual desire or libido.

The main cause of vaginal dryness in women is hormone fluctuations, especially estrogen levels. The lack of estrogen is responsible for making the vagina wall thin and dry. This makes sex very painful. Not only this, most women also have bleeding during sexual intercourse and sensation burns in the vagina.

Not only this, it can also lead to recurrent urinary tract infections over time.

Natural remedies for vaginal dryness

There are some natural remedies that can help you solve this problem.

Make sure you drink enough water

You should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. This can help. Not only this, it is also good to remove toxins from your body.

Essential Fats are included in your diet

Most people think that all fats are bad. This can be very confusing. Your body needs essential fats for sex hormone production. Estrogen and other hormones produced by cholesterol and the lack of fat in your diet can lead to low estrogen levels which is a major cause of vaginal dryness in women.

Olives, olive oils, oily fish such as salmon, sardines, pests and so on, are important sources of fatty acids.

Herbs and Herbal Supplements

In addition, there are some herbal remedies that can be of great help. Certain herbs can help increase blood flow to the genitals and increase estrogen production without the side effects of hormone replacement therapy.

Such supplements are a combination of herbs and other nutrients such as ginkgo, epimedium sagittatum, hop extracts, mucuna pruriens, niacin, melatonin, DHEA etc., which help strengthen the sexual and reproductive system naturally and safely.

Such supplements do not interfere with other medications you may be taking such as birth control pills and so on,

High quality products have been approved clinically and are recommended by your doctor as well.

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