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How to Cure Loud Stomach Noises

Hard stomach sounds can be very embarrassing and can be caused for a variety of reasons. The biggest factor with strong stomach sounds is diet, some people are more sensitive to certain foods than others. Although it can be something as simple as not incorporating some type of food. Eating high sugar foods with carbohydrates can be the cause - for example; if for lunch you eat sandwiches and apples.

There is a solution to this, I have personally experienced very strong stomach sounds for many years. My job involves working very closely with people and giving training sessions and so you can imagine how this works for me. People always ask if I'm hungry straight after lunch being a bit boring after a while, this would cause me not to eat during the day to avoid embarrassment but then I would be hungry and my concentration would expire - it's not a happy way to be and so I gave it to solve this problem.

I visited my doctor and told him about my symptoms including stomach ache after eating, gas or wind, bloated stomach, stomach ache if I stayed for a long time and was very diarrhea. The doctor told me that all of these symptoms were under ' 'cloud' from IBS - irritable bowel syndrome and that it is a condition that they do not know what causes it but it can be associated with stress and he suggested I write a food diary to see when it got worse. The diary food idea is interesting but it doesn't produce any worthwhile results. The problem is not just with what I eat, it is with the combination of types, it is with eating foods that the body does not plan to eat - such as refined foods.

I came to the conclusion that since these are digestive and food related issues there must be diet and dietary related solutions. I studied many books on nutrition over the coming months and decided that I would take my diet back to basics. I'll just eat simple food - like a cave bird will eat. I'll eat meat, fish, vegetables and low sugar eggs. I'm going to get rid of the sugar as this is a suspect in this loud stomach and I will remove the fruit for the first two weeks. In total I didn't eat more than 20 ingredients and only drank water and tea. The reason is that I want to give my stomach a low carbohydrate-free diet with no sugar and basically eat protein salads and meat and vegetables in the evening. Breakfast usually includes eggs, sausages, tomatoes, etc.

Within two weeks my strong stomach sounds were completely cleansed. They have left !!! It's unbelievable. I am now six months into this and have introduced more but very slow food - usually once a week at a time. For anyone who is having a similar problem then I recommend trying this as I am sure it will work for most people. I believe that fine foods, combining carbohydrates with fat while eating and sugar are the cause of this problem.

The best plan I found was the CUREIBS plan. Despite my non-IBS status, the plan's strategy is still the same and works wonders - in a week! It's great for a full list of good and bad foods, it will give you great techniques along with the right time to introduce new foods. In a short time you'll be back to normal!


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